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Planned Parenthood Ally Fights to Fund Big Abortion

By ACLJ.org1505329200000

Planned Parenthood – the largest abortion provider in America – has a new ally in Negative Population Growth, Inc., or “NPG.”

Described as an “anti-immigrant environmentalist group,” NPG “promote[s] concepts such as ‘the two-child family,’” and “lowered rates of migration to the United States.” Even though NPG’s Proposed National Population Policy advocates “[e]nsuring that birth control information and materials are universally available, and that these options “should include, as a last resort, the availability of abortion as embodied in Roe vs. Wade” their latest proclamations have them eagerly joining forces with Planned Parenthood to promote abortion.

NPG argues “that abortion and contraceptive services provided by Planned Parenthood are needed to limit population growth in the United States and elsewhere.” In NPG’s new report entitled “Resurgent Pro-Natalism in the Trump Administration”, they state:

For 45 years, NPG has advocated . . . incentive-based policies designed to lower fertility, with the goal of reducing population to an optimum size – one that can be sustained by Earth’s limited natural resources, ensuring a much higher quality of life for future generations. But this approach should not be limited to U.S. domestic policy. The international dimension of the Trump Administration position on fertility is ominous for world population growth.

In short, NPG’s goal is worldwide population control and they see Planned Parenthood’s indiscriminate slaughter of unborn children as the optimal vehicle to their vile end. Standing in the way of their sadistic goal is the current Administration’s reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy, which prohibits the use of U.S. taxpayer money in foreign aid to organizations that either fund or promote abortions around the world.

Here at the ACLJ, we have been advocating for the reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy and the defunding of Planned Parenthood for years, joined by hundreds of thousands of Americans via our petition.

NPG is directly opposing that goal by “condemning Republican efforts to defund the nation’s largest abortion” provider because they overtly and unabashedly desire to “slow, halt, and eventually reverse U.S. population growth.”

NPG recognizes that Planned Parenthood’s more than half a billion dollars in taxpayer monies is one of its greatest hopes for reaching its diabolical goal.

As the Washington Free Beacon reports:

Rep. Diane Black (R., Tenn.), who sponsored legislation defunding Planned Parenthood, called NPG's endorsement of Planned Parenthood "deeply disturbing," adding that taxpayer funding of abortion overseas should not be seen through the lens of "population control."

"It is deeply disturbing to see Planned Parenthood’s closest allies encouraging a blatant disregard for human life by advocating to expand abortion as means of population control, and I am shaken to my core," Black said. 

But isn’t population control at the heart of Planned Parenthood’s ultimate evil objectives? It certainly was part of its founder, Margaret Sanger’s evil eugenic ideology. As we’ve previously written:

As part of her overall plan to achieve world peace, she wanted Congress to appoint a Parliament of Population Directors. One objective of that group would be to “apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization, and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is already tainted or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.”

Once the “unfit” were sterilized or segregated, there would be a “definite inexorable ruling that the population [of the “fit”] should increase slowly at a specified rate,” and America would then “organize and join an International League of Low Birth Rate Nations to secure and maintain WORLD PEACE.”

Sanger’s guise of achieving world peace and NPG’s pretense of “allowing us to protect our fragile ecosystems, conserve our finite resources, and ensure a livable America for future generations” is no different in its means to an end.

The real, blunt, simple, and stark truth is that killing innocent babies is still killing innocent babies. No economic, ecological, or environmental argument can be made to rationalize the infernally wicked atrocity of taking innocent human life.

Enough is enough. No more excuses. We must do all that we can do to protect human life. Join us and 187,000 others to end Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer-funded murderous rampage. Help hold our national leadership’s feet to the fire and demand an end to the federal funding of Planned Parenthood.

Defund Planned Parenthood Now

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