Israel Defense Forces: “Imagine Your Weather App Said It Was Raining Rockets. This Is What Israeli Civilians Are Experiencing Right Now” | American Center for Law and Justice
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“Imagine Your Weather App Said It Was Raining Rockets”

By Jordan Sekulow1573850587096

Severe weather reports on our smart phones have become a normal occurrence for all of us here in America. But can you imagine receiving a rocket attack warning forecast on your phone?

It seems like an unfathomable nightmare scenario here at home, but it could become the new normal for the people of Israel.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) tweeted an image of what appeared to be a normal weather app, but instead of rain or snow as many of us are experiencing, it showed red rockets raining from the sky in the forecast.

This week, as many as 400 deadly rockets, launched at the State of Israel by Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza, have indeed rained down on Israeli civilians. Fortunately, this time Israeli defense systems were able to reduce the damage and stave off major casualties.

As reported:

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other terror groups in the Gaza Strip resumed firing rockets into southern and central Israel after dawn Wednesday after a brief overnight respite in the violence. The Iron Dome system intercepted several of the projectiles, and there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

Sirens sounded in southern Israel and then later in central Israel near Latrun and Beit Shemesh. Residents reported loud explosions, apparently the Iron Dome interceptors taking down the rockets.

According to reports nearly 50 Israelis were wounded by the rocket attacks in recent days, including an 8-year-old girl who suffered what’s being called a heart attack from trauma.

Since Tuesday, two people in Israel have been wounded directly by rocket fire, both of them sustaining light injuries from shrapnel. In addition, 23 people were lightly wounded after falling while running to a bomb shelter and 23 others were taken to the hospital after suffering anxiety attacks and other “stress symptoms” due to the attacks, the Magen David Adom ambulance service said.

An eight-year-old girl collapsed suddenly, apparently from a heart attack, while hiding in a bomb shelter during a rocket attack on the city of Holon. She remained in serious condition on Wednesday.

If this sounds like a case of déjà vu, that could be because nearly one year ago, we reported that nearly 300 rockets and mortar shells had been fired at Israel from Gaza. At the time a dubious ceasefire was reportedly reached, but now here we are again, sadly, an all too familiar news story.

This isn’t also the first time innocent children could have been slaughtered in a rocket attack. Remember when we told you how terrorist-launched rockets from Gaza also struck an Israeli kindergarten. Fortunately, it was in the early hours of morning before the teachers and children would begin arriving. A few hours later, and the tragedy would have been immeasurable.

Israel’s enemies have threatened a massive invasion to topple the Holy City of Jerusalem. Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas has threatened that “millions of fighters” would march on Jerusalem and Israeli settlements and homes “shall all be destroyed."

Abbas has even vowed to continue the PA’s “pay for slay” policy of paying families of terrorists who die attacking Israelis and even Americans.

And yet as we’ve told you the U.N. has created a slush fund with as much as $65 MILLION DOLLARS to support the PA – despite its known affiliations with actual terrorist groups – to wage lawfare against Israel.

Anti-Semitic violence against innocent Israeli citizens has to stop now. Children should not have to live in fear of deadly explosive devices falling out of the sky. Israeli weather reports shouldn’t have to include rockets raining down on civilians.

The ACLJ recently delivered a critical legal letter to the U.N. Security Council defending Israel against the PA’s constant vicious attacks. We are engaged in a number of lawsuits against the Deep State over the Obama Administration’s previous funding of Israel’s enemies. We expect more productions in one of these cases in the coming days. We are also preparing a new letter to the U.N. later this month in defense of Israel.

Israel is our nation’s greatest ally in the Middle East, and the ACLJ will continue to defend its interests and its people.

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