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The Fight for Life is an issue that drives much of our work at the ACLJ, and now it’s proving to be the cultural issue that will shape the 2020 presidential election and the future of our nation.

Today on the show, we discussed the battle for life taking place in our state legislatures across the country.  Nine states have passed heartbeat legislation to protect life and outlaw abortion once a heartbeat can be detected, usually around 6 weeks.

Earlier this year New York celebrated a horrific new late-term abortion law, basically legalizing abortions up to the moment of birth. New York’s Governor Cuomo ordered the spire of the Freedom Tower – a building dedicated to the victims of 9/11, specifically including unborn babies – lit up pink to celebrate abortions. Some rightly pointed out the building looked like an abortionist’s needle.

Virginia considered legislation – supported by its controversial governor Ralph Northam – normalizing infanticide. The Left has actually abandoned science to push its abortion distortion. They want to ignore heartbeats. They want to ignore evidence that babies experience pain in the womb. They want to deny their personhood.

While these laws disturb and frustrate us all, they also seemingly awoke a sleeping giant in the battle for life. States are standing up for unborn babies and passing pro-life laws like these heartbeat bills to save lives. Alabama just signed the most expansive pro-life law in the country.

Now the Left is fighting, taking these states, and even the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to court. We recently told you how HHS proposed an administrative rule designed to enforce federal statutory rights of conscience to protect doctors and medical personnel from being forced to violate their moral or religious beliefs in the delivery of healthcare services.

This is why we talk about judges so much on the program. Judges will be faced with key decisions to save lives and defend the rights and moral convictions of medical professionals, or strengthen the Left’s abortion distortion. 

I really think this will be the key issue in the 2020 Presidential race leading right up to Election Day. You will hear abortion and the fight for the unborn discussed in every debate. And many Americans will have to decide if they are okay with allowing defenseless lives to be taken or if they should be protected.

Even presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden just sent a campaign email TODAY while we were on the air declaring his support for Roe v. Wade, and his commitment to the ideology of death. Personally, I think it’s imperative to remember who supports life and who doesn’t on Election Day.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

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