The Biden Administration is Crushing the American Family

The family is the foundation of America’s unique experiment, stretching back to the very beginning.  All other defining characteristics of American society – our faith, our innovative nature, our strong work ethic – they all start with the family.  It is the love of our families, not selfish greed (as many progressives would have you believe), that drives us to work harder, and to innovate and prosper.  That’s why we must promote the family as central to our society while ensuring that our government protects – not destroys – the family.  But the Biden Administration, in its attempt to supplant the family with big government, is systemically crushing the American family. This should terrify us all.

Let’s start with the kitchen table issues.  Under the Biden Administration, American families are now faced with dire economic conditions of historic proportions.  When Joe Biden took office, inflation was 1.5%; today, it is 8%. Consumer prices had risen 12.7% as of last month.  This has real consequences for the American family.  Savings are down across the board, and it means parents cannot invest in their children’s future.  Don’t worry, Team Biden says, the government will take care of such worries…by offering student loan relief and allocating federal funding for universal daycare.  At the heart of these so-called ‘solutions’ is more government dependency, and the upshot of such policies is that the family cannot function without the government’s support.  And while Joe Biden can say our economy is ‘strong as hell’ and eat as much ice cream as he wants, millions of American families – who will have to spend $4,200 more this year to make ends meet – are struggling.  More government ‘assistance’ and intrusion won’t provide the help they need.

And then there is education, an issue I am passionate about.  In June 2022, Biden’s Department of Education introduced a new interpretation of Title IX that could allow schools and teachers to decide a student’s ‘gender identity,’ regardless of what parents say.  We can’t allow ‘gender identity’ to supplant reading, writing, and arithmetic.  And we can’t allow teachers to weigh in on what are, at the very least, intensely personal issues that have no place being decided in the classroom – let alone replace parents as the decision makers. Parents alone should have the right to make decisions for their children in such matters.

But that’s what Team Biden has pushed from the very beginning. Let’s not forget that this is the same Administration whose Attorney General, Merrick Garland, labeled American parents as akin to domestic terrorists if they had the audacity to voice their opposition to Critical Race Theory and other Marxist dogma being taught in the classroom.

Biden’s response to Roe being overturned this summer also shows his Administration’s hostility to the family. In the debate over protecting the lives of the unborn or expanding abortion access, the concept of the family remains central.  Progressives wrongly argue that an individual's right to terminate an unborn life is central to being able to plan a family properly.  This thinking is completely backward and morally destitute.  Abortion is, quite literally, antithetical to the family, for it destroys life and destroys the future of a family.  Yet progressives today believe the opposite, to a radical degree. Biden signed an Executive Order that directed federal funding towards the expansion of abortion access, and the White House has refused in recent weeks to clarify Biden’s position on whether there should be any limits to abortion whatsoever.

The family is foundational to society.  If we allow this sacred institution to become corrupted or disrespected, we will watch everything else fall away.  We should pursue policies that make the economy work for families rather than against them. We should encourage parents and their involvement in our schools, not persecute and prosecute them.  Midterm elections are just a few weeks away – we should use them to empower families and put a stop to Biden’s bloated government overreach. 

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