Defeat Lawlessness, Defend Israel, Protect Life

Defeat Lawlessness, Defend Israel, Protect Life


We're fighting the biggest battles we've ever faced.

Abortion in all 50 states, Deep State lawlessness, President Biden's unconstitutional power grabs, scorching anti-Israel attacks, Planned Parenthood's incessant evil, and unending persecution of Christians all seem insurmountable. But we can win. We're in the battle of a lifetime at state Supreme Courts nationwide to defend life. We're defending religious liberty at the U.S. Supreme Court. We're directly engaged in over a dozen cases to defeat Deep State corruption. We're battling in court to defeat President Biden's unconstitutional overreach. We're filing at the ICC and the U.N. to defend Israel's interests from jihadist lawfare. We're fighting to defund and defeat Planned Parenthood. We're taking direct action for dying Christians at the U.N. But these battles are monumental. We urgently need your Tax-Deductible support to continue fighting effectively.

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