NEW POLL: Trump Leads Biden by Double Digits


Jay Sekulow

September 15

4 min read

Public Policy



A new poll shows that more Americans trust President Donald Trump’s economic policies (by a double-digit margin) to fix our nation’s economy than they do current President Joe Biden.

The Hill reports:

Americans trust former President Trump more than President Biden to make the economy better by an 11-point margin, according to a poll from Suffolk University Sawyer Business School and USA Today.

In the poll published Thursday, around 47 percent of Americans said they trust Trump more to improve the economy, compared to 36 percent who said they have greater trust in Biden. . . .

Meanwhile, nearly 70 percent of Americans said they feel the economy is getting worse, while around 22 percent said it is improving.

The voters polled also pointed to rising housing costs and higher grocery bills still affecting most homes:

Around 84 percent of Americans said their cost of living is rising, compared to nearly 4 percent who said it’s easing and 11 percent who said it stayed the same, while 8 percent were undecided.

Just less than half, or 49 percent, of participants said they see their cost of living rising the most in food prices, with housing costs in second at nearly 16 percent.

When asked to describe the state of the economy in one word, more than 60% of voters used words like “horrible,” “terrible,” “awful,” “dismal,” “bad,” “poor,” etc.

When will Biden stop gaslighting Americans into believing the economy is stable? Sure, some people are getting wage increases, but the out-of-control inflation has left most Americans barely breaking even – if they’re lucky.

With the 2024 presidential election coming up, the Biden Administration continues promoting the false narrative that its Green New Deal policies that wage war on fossil fuels are creating a roaring economy. But most Americans know how Biden’s policies have affected their bank accounts.

The economy isn’t the only thing floundering for Joe Biden – so is his popularity within the Democrat Party. Former Representative Tulsi Gabbard joined to assess Biden’s chances of securing the nomination again:

This is about the Democrat elite and permanent Washington very much afraid that if Donald Trump gets elected once again, their power is threatened. . . . So the Democrat elite, they’re looking at the situation now. They put their stock in President Biden and Kamala Harris, but things are not looking very good. So I think we’re starting to see this kind of transition moment where they’re figuring out, well, if not them, who’s going to carry the water for the Democrat elite in their mission to get more power?

Gabbard emphasized that the same Washington elites looking to keep Trump off state ballots are also looking at the Democratic ticket to ensure Trump can’t win in a general election. They don’t have loyalty to Biden; they just want whoever has the best chance to defeat the Republican nominee. So instead of the American people deciding which candidate should represent each party, the higher-ups are trying to pull the strings – all to keep power and influence.        

The far Left is incorrectly invoking the 14th Amendment to keep President Trump off primary ballots, preventing millions of Americans from voting for the candidate of their choice. This is not how a constitutional republic works; we are fighting back. So far there is ongoing litigation in more than ten states on this matter. 

We are making headway in our newest ACLJ case to preserve the constitutional rights of all Americans to vote for the candidate of their choice. The idea that an American citizen can be removed from a voting ballot based on the whims of far-Left groups and state officials is outrageous.

Today’s Sekulow also featured ACLJ Senior Counsel and Director of Policy Harry Hutchinson, who provided more economic insights. We also had a surprise guest, conservative radio host Ben Ferguson, who gave his take on the Left’s blatant election interference.

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