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Durham Bombshell: Main Steele Dossier Source Used to Impeach Trump Is Arrested by DOJ

Durham Bombshell: Main Steele Dossier Source Used to Impeach Trump Is Arrested by DOJ


Jordan Sekulow

November 5, 2021

4 min read

National Security



In a major development in the investigation led by John Durham, a Russian national has just been indicted. The Department of Justice arrested Igor Danchenko who is responsible for lying to the FBI over the claims that he made that contributed to Christopher Steele’s dossier. The dossier basically claimed that Donald Trump was working for the Russians, when really it appears that it was the Clinton campaign colluding with a Russian national the entire time.

How did the FBI miss this?

ACLJ Director of Policy Harry Hutchison explained exactly how:

You ask how did the FBI miss this? How did Robert Mueller miss this? How did the media miss this? They missed it because they were predisposed to find President Trump guilty in the absence of evidence. So, they went out on a mission to find evidence. They claimed for instance, that Christopher Steele was a credible source – untrue. They failed to find information that Christopher Steele was employed by the Clinton campaign. They continue to go after President Trump after James Comey [was fired]. Then, call for the appointment of a special prosecutor. So at the end of the day, this investigation against President Trump was cooked from the beginning.

May dad and I saw firsthand how cooked this investigation was as members, in our personal capacity, of the President’s defense team. ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has a new article and further explained what a failure this investigation was:

This is an epic failure of central American institutions – the FBI, our media – the very institutions that people depend upon to get good, accurate, factual information. They knowingly told mistruths to the American people not just once, not just twice, but for years. They extended this metaphor of President Trump as a Russian asset because of this Steele dossier, which we know now was a Clinton machine product. It has huge political implications but also global implications. . . . What they did for a year and a half was impeach a President over a narrative that was fundamentally untrue. This has real ramifications. We need to make sure we need to hold not just a couple of low level crazy folks who did dumb things. . . . But the people who accepted this information at face value and didn’t do the validation that needed to be done need to be held responsible for this.

The FBI used this false dossier as the basis to issue FISA warrants and spy on American citizens. As the former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director, Sec. Pompeo discussed what should come of this:

We should stay tuned. I am sure we will continue to see more and learn more. It is also the case that these folks were so close to the Clinton campaign that we have not yet seen the senior names in the Clinton campaign appear yet, including we have not seen Secretary Clinton’s name, but make no mistake about it. This was a concerted effort. This was intentional. They were trying to use this misinformation in a way and Russian agents in a way that were trying to impact the outcome of the American election process. . . . This is important for the American people to stay focused on.

As ACLJ Senior Military Analyst and former Colonel Wes Smith put it:

The bottom line is the swamp is alive and well.

That is exactly right. The swamp is alive, and many of those people are still running our government. We must demand that the people who knowingly spread false information to the American people are held accountable.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast is complete with even more analysis of the arrest of a Russian national who was a main source of the Trump dossier. 

Watch the full broadcast below.

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