Biden Intel Confirms: Al-Qaeda Terror HQ based in Iran


Jordan Sekulow

May 3, 2021

4 min read

Middle East



Iran is becoming the new headquarters to host international terrorist groups. Buried in the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) annual worldwide threat assessment, it reveals that Al-Qaeda is now being run from within Iran. Meanwhile, as we’ve told you, the Biden Administration is actively trying to lift sanctions on Iran and reenter the Iran Nuclear Deal.

In the assessment that is issued every year by the DIA, the second group listed is Al-Qaeda. In the DIA report, it was stated by President Biden's own intelligence officials, “Overall, Ayman al-Zawahiri remains in hiding, while a handful of Iran-based al-Qa’ida leaders oversee al- Qa’ida’s network.”

ACLJ Senior Counsel of Global Affairs, former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo warned us of this exact scenario last January:

Since 2015, Iran has also given Al-Qaeda leaders greater freedom of movement inside of Iran under their supervision. As a result of this assistance, Al-Qaeda has centralized its leadership inside of Iran. The time is now for America and all free nations to crush the Iran-Al Qaeda axis. Al-Qaeda has a new home base. It is the Islamic Republic of Iran. . . . We ignore this Iran-Al Qaeda nexus at our own peril. We need to acknowledge it. We must confront it; indeed, we must defeat it.

It is now clear; he was exactly right. Today, Sec. Pompeo once again offered great insight as to why the Iranians would host this terrorist group:

Iranians were prepared to host them because it provides assurance for Iranians. When the “little Satan,” Israel, and the “great Satan,” the United States, are the threats, they are prepared to work together there to coordinate and spread their terror. This is operating in another powerful country. This is different from out in the middle of nowhere. They are operating in a major urban area, a major protective environment with the capacity for the Iranian regime to provide them with the infrastructure and support they need to spread their terrorism around the world.

Let this sink in . . . we have members of the United States Senate currently overseas in Europe negotiating and talking with other foreign leaders to join the JCPOA again, knowing that their own intelligence is saying that Iran is harboring Al-Qaeda.

As my dad ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow noted: Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism. Yet, even after officials from the intelligence agency operating under the Biden Administration, confirmed Al-Qaeda is operating out of Iran, they are still actively trying to reenter negotiations with the Iranian regime on the JCPOA. How do you do both? How do you allow the number one state sponsor of terrorism (Iran) to provide safe harbor for a terrorist organization that has a track record of violence around the world including the United States and continue to reenter the Iran nuclear deal and lift U.S. sanctions against them? This is also while Iran continues attempts to develop nuclear weapons and harass the United States Navy. And then to top it all off, former Secretary of State and a current member of the National Security Council for the United States John Kerry was caught cozying up to the Iranian leadership while President Trump was in office.

He’s exactly right. The idea that the Biden Administration is still trying to negotiate with Iranian leaders is incomprehensible, but it is happening. We already filed a FOIA request, and we’re already in court over it. We are going to keep fighting back on this.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast is complete with even more analysis of the Defense Intelligence Agency report and the details around the Biden Administration attempting to reenter the Iran deal.

Watch the full broadcast below.