Breaking: Iran Celebrates “Nuclear Day” By Escalating Uranium Enrichment | American Center for Law and Justice

Are you ready for this? Iran is celebrating what they call “Nuclear Day” and the Iranian government has announced that they are now enriching uranium at 60% - a dangerous level for a dangerous country.

In both breaking and troubling news, Iran is reporting that it has begun enriching uranium at 60%. To put that in perspective, at 90% enrichment, it’s a weapon. In fact, nothing above 5% enrichment is necessary for any civilian use of uranium. There’s simply no other conclusion to draw other than Iran – the number one state-sponsor of terrorism – is actively trying to develop nuclear weapons.

The entire world should be alarmed.

And this development comes even as John Kerry and the Biden Administration are actively attempting to re-enter the disastrous Obama-era Iran Nuclear deal. As we told you, we’re actively working right now to expose John Kerry’s secret backroom meetings with Iran during the Trump Administration, that he had no authority to conduct, which undermined our foreign policy.

We filed a FOIA request with the U.S. State Department regarding Kerry’s shadow diplomacy with Iran to find out who knew about these meetings and what was actually discussed.

We know we have a fight on our hands. We’ve basically never filed one FOIA request where we haven’t then had to go to federal court at some point to force compliance. As we’ve learned, and ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell confirmed, the federal government has a double-standard when it comes to FOIA’s and releasing information.

As Ric (who was formerly the acting Director of National Intelligence) stated:

My unclassified emails were asked to be released by a reporter and the Biden Administration, under [Director of National Intelligence] Avril Haines, immediately complied, gave up everything. I haven’t even been gone a year and they released all of my unclassified emails. There’s two standards for FOIA requests. When a Republican asks, it goes into this black hole of negotiation and you get nothing for five, six, seven years, until the issue passes. And when the Democrats ask, they immediately release this information. This is ridiculous. This is the ways of Washington.  

Ric is absolutely right. The federal government, the bureaucracy, operates under two systems. Two words we don’t have in our FOIA practice are “immediately released.” We never hear that. But we do not and will not ever give up. In fact, the ACLJ will be filing a new FOIA request, and likely a lawsuit, immediately to find out what the process was to decide to release Ric Grenell’s emails, which ultimately revealed nothing. As Ric said himself, his emails which contained nothing of consequence, were released and “all we heard was a big thud.”

But they will hear more than a thud from us. We will meet them with the same standard they’ve held over conservatives like Ric Grenell and others. We will file a FOIA to expose their process, and we will demand the non-classified emails of Ric’s successor, Avril Haines, who quickly gave up all of his emails.

The ACLJ does not let go. We will expose John Kerry’s clandestine effort’s to negotiate with Iran while President Trump was in office. And we will shed light on the Biden Administration’s double-standards. We must hold the radical Left accountable.

This is exactly why we say the critical work of the ACLJ is needed now, more than ever. We could not fight these battles to expose the Deep State and the radical Left without the critical support of ACLJ members.

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The full broadcast of today’s Sekulow is complete with much more analysis of Iran quickly gaining on a nuclear weapon. 

Watch the full broadcast below.

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