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Tulsi Gabbard Live From DC as Tens of Thousands March for Israel

Tulsi Gabbard Live From DC as Tens of Thousands March for Israel


Jordan Sekulow

November 14, 2023

4 min read




Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard joined us live from the March for Israel rally in Washington, D.C. Thousands marched today at the National Mall to show solidarity for Israel and voice opposition to antisemitism. Members on both sides of the aisle showed up – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Mike Johnson were among the speakers at the event.

As Rep. Gabbard reported:

It is inspiring to see how many people are flooding into Washington – understanding the seriousness of this moment, coming from all over the country. Many Jewish people [and] many people who are not Jewish . . . are coming and saying that we must stand up against antisemitism. We must stand up for our Jewish brothers and sisters, and we must take a strong stand against the Islamist terrorists who seek to not only exterminate the Jewish people but also to exterminate and kill anyone who does not adhere to their radical interpretation of Islam.

Some were concerned – me included – that people would be afraid to show their public support for Israel after ongoing threats from pro-Hamas demonstrations and violent attacks against Jewish Americans on college campuses.

I was thrilled to see that my fears didn’t come to fruition – thousands of Americans from all backgrounds and ethnicities spoke out against the vile antisemitism that’s being promoted across the country. I hope that more pro-Israel rallies take place to proclaim that antisemitism won’t be tolerated.

Also, are we starting to see a true widening fraction between President Biden and his own Administration? Yesterday, we told you about a leaked State Department memo undermining President Biden’s foreign policies, and now more than 400 Deep State officials have signed an open letter calling for Biden to stop supporting Israel and to urge Prime Minister Netanyahu to agree to a cease-fire in Gaza.

Fox News reports:

The Tuesday letter, first reported by the New York Times, includes officials from the State Department, White House, National Security Council and the Justice Department. The signatories of the letter remained anonymous to protect against professional retaliation.

Of course, these state officials are anonymous – just like the pro-Hamas demonstrators on college campuses refuse to identify themselves. This latest open letter, compounded with yesterday’s leaked State Department memo, furthers the perception that President Biden’s own Administration is turning against him.

As I stated yesterday, Biden must rid his Administration of such subversive forces. We can’t afford a President to have his legs cut out from beneath him by his own Administration.

Such a rift would weaken America’s presence on the world stage – don’t doubt for a moment that our enemies aren’t paying attention. We have reports that Biden might free up an additional $10 billion for Iran. If the world perceives the President as weak, can we trust that money won’t end up in the wrong hands?

Senator Ted Cruz (TX) also joined our broadcast to discuss the purpose of his new book Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America:

What I try to do in this book is explain . . . how the radical Left seized control of all the major institutions in our nation. . . . The book starts with universities, and I refer to universities as the Wuhan Lab of the woke virus. It’s where the virus was created. It’s where it mutated, and it’s where it spread from universities. The book goes on to address K–12 education, journalism, government, big business, Big Tech, entertainment, . . . and the politicization of science. . . . Secondly, and even more importantly, the book lays out a clear, concrete plan for how we take the institutions back. Because, Jay, I think if we don’t take these institutions back, we will lose our nation.

Senator Cruz is right. Understanding the genesis and dangers of woke ideology is essential to combating what’s plaguing society right now.

The ACLJ is working diligently to defend Israel and Jewish students on college campuses. Our efforts to defend the families of the hostages are ongoing too, as we sent demand letters to the U.N. yesterday on the families’ behalf. We need your support. We just launched the ACLJ Faith & Freedom Drive. Donate today, and your gift will be doubled.

Today’s Sekulow broadcast analyzed the inspiring March for Israel in Washington D.C. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell joined to discuss the increasing subversion within the Biden Administration and antisemitism spreading in America.

Watch the full broadcast below:

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