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American Evangelicals Stand With Israel


Jordan Sekulow

November 26, 2012

1 min read




For more than a week, Palestinian terrorists have fired at least 1,408 missiles at Israeli civilians. They have used children as their protectors, firing and storing rockets near playgrounds, residential areas, and mosques.

These terrorists have engaged in an unmitigated effort to blind the international community with distortions and lies about the conflict. Hamas has used fake images to claim Israel is committing war crimes and targeting Palestinian civilians. Yet, it is Hamas terrorists who are violating the Law of Armed Conflict. Every time Hamas fires a rocket at Israeli civilians, it commits war crimes.

There is no excuse for the untold bloodshed once again initiated by Palestinian terrorists. Ironically (or more likely intentionally), the latest barrage of rocket attacks on Israel comes just days before the Palestinian Authority seeks statehood at the United Nations. Hamas, the same terrorist group firing rockets at Israeli civilians and “celebrating” a bus bombing in Tel Aviv, whose leaders refuse to recognize Israel, is an obvious roadblock to lasting peace. . . .

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