Vice President Kamala Harris Plays Follow the Leader in Pitiful Response to Border Crisis

As a young child, we all played Follow the Leader. It was a game where you watched one person do something and then you followed that person by mimicking their actions and following their lead. If the leader walked fast, you did too – and if the leader climbed a tree, you climbed the tree, too.

Vice President Kamala Harris is playing Follow the Leader. The leader is former President Donald Trump. The leader announced he is going to the U.S. border in Texas, so the Vice President is now going to the border in Texas.

After months of ignoring the immigration crisis she helped create, the Vice President has been relegated to following the leader who had largely fixed the border problems with Mexico.

As we all know now, the border is in a crisis because illegal crossings are dramatically up. We’ve seen young children crossing a dangerous border alone and babies thrown over fences.  Kamala Harris and Joe Biden spent the last two years mocking the Trump policy of securing the border and, in turn, encouraging an open, more porous border. But the strict border policy worked. Illegal immigration and border crossings were dramatically down – and billions of dollars were saved. President Trump’s simple policy of building the wall, securing the border, and telling immigrants to wait in line for a legal decision to enter the U.S. worked.

It is important to remember that the U.S. has the most generous immigration policy in the free world. One million people a year get U.S. citizenship, but tens of millions more want it. We must have a process for evaluating everyone, not just the line jumpers.

Ohio Senate candidate Bernie Moreno said it best, and as an immigrant who became a U.S. citizen legally at the age of 18, Moreno knows something about following the rules: “The people who are most upset by illegal immigration are the people who did it legally – immigrants like me.”

Kamala Harris is afraid to see the crisis, so she is going to Texas but not going to the actual problem areas. The Biden team is afraid to see the humanitarian disaster their rhetoric has created. They are nervous that the media will see that their policy is inhuman and costly.

We should all insist that our political leaders confront crises when they occur. And that means we should insist that Kamala Harris see the cities in Texas impacted by the rush of illegal immigrants who clearly thought the Biden-Harris Administration were welcoming immigrants who jumped the line.

At the ACLJ, we are actively engaged to help end this humanitarian crisis at the border. We have already filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit over the Biden Administration’s inaction at the border and refusal to even address the issue. And the Administration’s answer is due in court this week. We won’t stop fighting for commonsense solutions and responsible leadership.