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After what we all saw yesterday, how can the Biden Administration claim that there is not a crisis at the border?

Today on Sekulow, we discuss the migrant surge currently happening as a direct result of the Biden Administration’s decision to cease construction of the wall and stop protecting our border. Illegal immigrants are coming through gaps in the border wall. Even worse, we now have alarming footage of children – toddlers – being tossed over a 14 foot wall by smugglers. They were 3- and 5-year-old sisters, dropped over a 14 foot high wall and left to fend for themselves. As a parent, it’s horrifying. 

Can we stop the Biden charade and call this a crisis now?

We now have reports that migrants are streaming through gaps in the border wall following President Biden’s order to stop construction. By the way, your taxpayer dollars are still being spent to pay the contractors because the Biden Administration has not cancelled the contracts yet. It only issued a work-stop order. There is money left to still finish the additional two hundred miles of wall, but at the moment that seems extremely unlikely to happen under a Biden Administration.

There were thirteen Brazilian migrants apprehended Tuesday in Otay Mesa, California. They were near a hundred foot gap in the fence. A border agent said the following after the apprehension:

It’s insane. The project is three-quarters done. At least, they should be allowed to tie together the primary fence. Otherwise, we’re trying to catch these people in the worst possible place. It’s just sucking our manpower.

When the Biden Administration issued the stop-work order, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was given sixty days to report back to terminate, modify, or continue the contracts. Secretary Mayorkas is about a week overdue.

Where is Vice President Harris in all of this? She’s not going to the southern border to inspect the situation and neither is the President right now. These are vulnerable children being transported and in very real danger, being tossed over a wall. How is this not a crisis? There will be over a million illegal immigrant apprehensions this year. This is a very real crisis and the Biden Administration is exacerbating the situation, not fixing it.

ACLJ Director of Policy Harry Hutchison made the following point:

This is a horrendous situation and Vice President Harris is missing in action. In addition to spending time on the phone with a Guatemalan president, while the crisis rages because of a surge of illegals on our border, Vice President Harris is also spending time preparing for a women’s and girls’ empowerment forum with former President Clinton. Imagine that.

The Biden Administration needs to work on stopping this crisis now. Children are in danger and the border is in shambles.

The full broadcast is complete with much more analysis and discussion about President Biden’s border crisis, the policies that caused it, and the effects it is having on children.

Watch the full broadcast below.

End Biden’s Humanitarian Border Crisis for Children

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