Radio Recap: BREAKING: Former FBI Top Lawyer Signed Off on FISA Warrant | American Center for Law and Justice
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Last week we told you that the former top lawyer at the FBI is under a federal criminal investigation leaking information. Now we find out he was personally involved in the FISA warrant against Carter Page, despite his admission it was outside of his normal practice.

Today on the broadcast, we discussed a bombshell revelation that James Baker, former FBI general counsel personally involved himself in a FISA warrant to surveil an American citizen.

Baker stated it was not standard protocol for him to be involved in these warrants, yet he involved himself in this particular investigation.

The FBI knew, according the DOJ official Bruce Ohr, that the Steele Dossier - used as the basis for the investigation - was unverified and politically motivated. Yet FBI officials chose to treat this investigation differently from any other.

This tells me that they knew the sensitive nature of this investigation, and yet chose to proceed so recklessly.

The question is, why? Did FBI and DOJ officials choose personal political views over the law and the sacred trust of the American people?

FISA warrants serve two purposes: to promote national security, and protect the American people from unauthorized surveillance. In this case, Baker and other FBI officials, all since fired or resigned, did neither.

This whole situation is absurd. Not only were they not doing things by the book – they were writing their own book as they went. That is beyond the pale.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

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