Major ACLJ Announcement With FBI Whistleblower Exclusive


Jordan Sekulow

August 4, 2023

We already told you the ACLJ is representing FBI Special Agent Garret O’Boyle, who bravely testified before Congress about Deep State corruption within the agency to target pro-lifers, even marking pro-lifers with threat tags like terrorists.

The ACLJ is now representing a second FBI whistleblower: FBI agent Marcus Allen. His only “crime” is questioning the radical Left’s narrative through the proper whistleblower channels.

Agent Marcus Allen – a decorated Iraq War veteran – testified before Congress that the “FBI questioned my allegiance to the United States,” calling him “disloyal.” They stripped him of his pay and health insurance while banning him from other employment. This comes after he was voted the employee of the year in his field office in 2019. Sounds almost identical to the treatment that Special Agent O’Boyle received, doesn't it?

O’Boyle experienced the unconstitutional wrath of the Deep State. Likely due to his willingness to tell the truth, Agent O’Boyle was suspended without pay for almost a year – and forbidden to find employment elsewhere.

He recently testified before Congress: “The FBI will crush you. This government will crush you and your family if you try to expose the truth about things that they are doing that are wrong. And we are all examples of that.” At the ACLJ, we won’t stand for the Deep State’s blatant attacks on brave Americans, and we are defending whistleblowers for unveiling corruption.

In our exclusive interview today, O’Boyle shared the pain that his family has suffered as a result of his decision to stand up for the truth. After the FBI suspended his pay, O’Boyle’s family was homeless for several weeks and lived in an RV. In fact, O’Boyle admitted that the difficulty he’s experienced over the past year is even worse than the hardship he experienced while in the Army and fighting overseas. The Deep State’s callousness toward O’Boyle’s family is reprehensible.

After serving in the Army, O’Boyle eventually became an FBI Special agent, believing it would be “a dream job.” He received high marks for his job performance and was asked to join a new FBI SWAT unit. Yet this dream job quickly turned into a nightmare after he witnessed the corruption festering in the agency.

O’Boyle shared this shocking revelation about the FBI’s targeting of pro-lifers:

Once, I was in touch with Congress because . . . every now and then there was an email we’d get, an order we’d get, or a new threat tag. Like one . . . in light of the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v Wade, and in the guidance for that threat tag . . . it said to look into pro-life adherents. And then on top of that . . . I was tasked from headquarters to query one of my confidential human sources who was a pro-life person and ask him all sorts of questions about the Dobbs decision and if there are people in the pro-life movement who are mobilizing to be violent.

O’Boyle recognized that these orders were “way out of bounds.” Pro-lifers weren’t threats to people like Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh – abortion radicals were the ones angrily protesting outside the Justice’s home.

Remember, folks, this targeting of pro-lifers is why we launched our Life & Liberty Drive. We defend pro-lifers from having their constitutional rights violated all the time. Because of heroes like O’Boyle, we now know how far the FBI will go to destroy its enemies.

O’Boyle shared his reaction to the FBI’s threat-tagging of concerned school parents who confronted school boards: “I was stunned. This is not the FBI that I joined. This is not a law enforcement agency that is upholding a constitutional oath that I’m aware of because that’s not what would be happening in a free society that we’re supposed to be living in.”                 

O’Boyle was grateful that his supervisor came to him and said they would “not be surveilling or investigating parents who attend school board meetings on this squad.” But what if the supervisor had gotten pressure from higher-ups to change his mind? He “rolled over” when adhering to the COVID policies of the Executive Branch. O’Boyle later pointed out that “[FBI] Director Wray probably perjured himself” when testifying that FBI agents weren’t targeting school parents.

This FBI targeting of school parents shouldn’t shock anybody. We recently exposed how the FBI targeted Christians and even put undercover agents in churches to keep tabs on what churches were teaching. Instead of going after abortion radicals attacking Pregnancy Resource Centers, the FBI puts pro-lifers and peaceful Christians in its crosshairs.

O’Boyle continued to point out the hypocrisy of the FBI gathering intelligence on pro-life advocates and ignoring the abortion radicals posing threats: “It’s especially troubling when they have such a massive intel capability combined with the law enforcement power. Because in this case, they’re just fishing to gather intel on people, and they’re not looking at the correct group that we should be looking at.”

Clearly, the FBI was weaponized to target pro-lifers, and this weaponization of the FBI should alarm all Americans.

We know many good people are inside the FBI and other federal agencies. That’s why we are fighting to defend whistleblowers and other brave Americans who want to see integrity restored in the FBI and other federal institutions. This is why we launched our Life & Liberty Drive. We need your support to defend them.

Today’s Sekulow broadcast was a stark reminder of the Deep State’s threat to brave Americans shining a light on government corruption. The FBI can’t keep demonizing heroes like agents O’Boyle and Allen. Both men defended our country overseas and then served our country admirably as FBI agents. Further, they told the truth when they saw the FBI abusing their authority.

We are proud to defend these two men, and we will ensure justice prevails. Be sure to follow our Life & Liberty Drive and join us in the fight.

Watch the full broadcast below: