FBI Whistleblower and ACLJ To Sue Biden’s DOJ


Jordan Sekulow

August 1, 2023

TODAY we’re launching our brand-new ACLJ Life & Liberty Drive, and we are kicking it off with a HUGE announcement – the ACLJ is now representing FBI Special Agent Garret O’Boyle, who bravely testified before Congress about Deep State corruption within the agency to target pro-lifers, even marking pro-lifers with threat tags like terrorists.

The Biden Administration has since made Agent O’Boyle’s life a nightmare, bringing down the full force of malicious Deep State retribution against him for standing up for the truth and exposing the rampant corruption and political bias infecting our federal government.

This is what the Deep State FBI does. They don’t fire these whistleblowers; instead, the FBI finds a way to take away their security clearances so the whistleblowers can’t do their job and then suspends them without pay for no longer having security clearance. And they’re not allowed to take outside employment. It’s cruel revenge to make an example of them so other agents won’t dare speak up.

As Special Agent O’Boyle testified before Congress: “The FBI will crush you. This government will crush you and your family if you try to expose the truth about things that they are doing that are wrong.”

This is unconstitutional. And it is un-American. Every Deep State actor working to ruin the lives of these brave FBI whistleblowers needs to be exposed and held accountable to the full extent of the law. Even if it goes all the way to the White House. And we’ll take it all the way to the Supreme Court.

We’ve set up our ACLJ Life & Liberty Drive because we know the issues that matter to you, and this one touches on both – government corruption that is impinging on liberty and the life issue. This FBI agent pointed out the double standard within the agency against pro-life Pregnancy Resources Centers. They were targeting pro-lifers, trying to silence them, and putting the lives of more unborn babies in danger.

And for being brave enough to speak out, Agent O’Boyle and other FBI whistleblowers are now being punished by having their livelihoods ripped away and being prevented from earning income elsewhere to care for their families. In Agent O’Boyle’s case, they moved him across the country to San Diego, then revoked his security clearance and wouldn’t even give him back his furniture. It’s just cruel, childish revenge by the Biden Deep State. Just as O’Boyle said, they’re not just trying to silence him but also trying to CRUSH him.

We won’t let that happen. We are representing him – and possibly more of these FBI whistleblowers in the coming days – to fight back in federal court.

We’re launching our new Life & Liberty Drive to focus on the two issues that you, our ACLJ members, have said matter the most to you. And now we’re taking on this monumental new case right out of the headlines to launch this brand-new effort.

Your financial support is crucial in defending this brave man and many others. They have no income to pay for legal counsel. The Biden Administration has taken everything from them. We are defending them, and we need YOU.

Now, as we expand our legal efforts, your tax-deductible gifts will be doubled, dollar-for-dollar, through our ACLJ Life & Liberty Drive, giving all of us twice the impact to defend their freedoms, and yours.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast includes more details about our new role representing Special Agent Garret O’Boyle and potentially additional FBI whistleblowers who bravely exposed the intolerable corruption within the Biden Deep State as part of our brand-new ACLJ Life & Liberty Drive. 

Watch the full broadcast below: