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HORRIFIC REVELATION: FBI Lied About Multi-State Task Force Targeting Christians

HORRIFIC REVELATION: FBI Lied About Multi-State Task Force Targeting Christians


Jay Sekulow

August 10, 2023

House Republicans reportedly have further proof exposing the Deep State FBI’s targeting of “radical traditionalist” Christians. If you remember, the ACLJ filed a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) lawsuit over the FBI’s 11-page, single-spaced memo that labels Christians as “potential domestic terrorists,” and we reported how the FBI even planted undercover agents inside churches to keep tabs on what congregations are discussing and what’s being taught from pulpits.

Just how widespread was this disgusting attack on religious liberty? According to Fox News:

House Republicans say FBI documents they’ve obtained prove that several field offices contributed to a memo that targeted traditionalist Catholics as “potential terrorists,” conflicting with recent sworn testimony from FBI Christopher Wray.

Republican leadership on the House Judiciary Committee revealed in a letter sent to Wray on Wednesday that the document they subpoenaed from the agency details how “both FBI Portland and FBI Los Angeles field offices were involved in or contributed to the creation of FBI’s assessment of traditional Catholics as potential domestic terrorists.”

“This new information suggests that the FBI’s use of its law enforcement capabilities to intrude on American’s First Amendment rights is more widespread than initially suspected,” Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and co-chair Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., wrote in the letter.

So the memo wasn’t just a “single product by a single field office” from Richmond, Virginia, as FBI Director Christopher Wray stated in sworn testimony before Congress. A rogue FBI field office didn’t randomly start targeting Christians. Rather, a multi-jurisdiction and national coast-to-coast task-force by the FBI was initiated. In fact, the Los Angeles FBI field office had churches under surveillance for a while. This hearkens back to the Tea Party targeting scandal during the Obama-Biden regime. At first, a rogue office was labeled the culprit, but then the truth came out that a coordinated effort involving multiple offices targeted Tea Party members.

What was the motivation behind this religious targeting? The Deep State doesn’t like pro-life views due to an “increase in hostility toward abortion-rights activists on social media sites in the run-up to and aftermath of the . . . decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.” Also, the memo labels these conservative Christians as “racially or ethnically motivated extremists” part of the “far-right white nationalist movement.”

In other words, if you believe that a human life is in the womb, you are an enemy of the state who merits being spied on. This language sure sounds a lot like how Attorney General Merrick Garland described parents who stood up to radical public school boards.

Will FBI Director Wray be held accountable for making a false statement to Congress? And will the Deep State FBI answer for trampling on the First Amendment rights of Christians? As we’ve pointed out, we are doing something about this. We are taking court-initiated legal action literally tomorrow over this issue fighting for the religious liberty of all Americans.

Why does the FBI refuse to correct these issues? Instead, the FBI delays responding for as long as possible. And that’s why the ACLJ is litigating this issue.

ACLJ Senior Counsel and Director of Policy Harry Hutchison elaborated on the dangers of the FBI’s targeting of Christians:

What we are seeing are echoes of [George Orwell’s] 1984 in a constitutional republic. And so the government is increasingly turning itself into a totalitarian regime. You either support the elites in Washington, or we will come after you. And so more and more Americans are being targeted. Why? Because they hold traditional, pro-life, Christian beliefs.

Harry also pointed out that if you’re a member of Antifa or a radical Left-wing group, then you’ve likely got carte blanche immunity to inflict as much chaos as you want because the FBI has been ordered to stand down.

Similarly, our client, FBI whistleblower Special Agent Garret O’Boyle, experienced the FBI’s unconstitutional wrath after he testified about the FBI’s targeting of pro-lifers. On our broadcast recently, he shared:

Once, I was in touch with Congress because . . . every now and then there was an email we’d get, an order we’d get, or a new threat tag. Like one . . . in light of the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, and in the guidance for that threat tag . . . it said to look into pro-life adherents. And then on top of that . . . I was tasked from headquarters to query one of my confidential human sources, who was a pro-life person, and ask him all sorts of questions about the Dobbs decision and if there are people in the pro-life movement who are mobilizing to be violent.

For exposing the FBI’s unconstitutional targeting of pro-lifers, O’Boyle was suspended for almost a year without pay. We are fighting for him right now and will not rest until we achieve justice. And, as we’ve seen today, the FBI is willing to go after everyday conservatives – not just whistleblowers within the FBI. The Deep State FBI must be stopped.

Today’s Sekulow broadcast also featured ACLJ Senior Counsel CeCe Heil, who reported on her trip to the U.N. to plead on behalf of Shahzad Masih, a Pakistani Christian on death row for his faith. All the issues covered in today’s broadcast align perfectly with our current Life & Liberty Drive.

Join us in the fight for life and liberty by donating today – all donations are matched instantly. Also, download our free ACLJ Life & Liberty Drive Prayer Guide that lists prayer requests related to our ACLJ mission and cases. Whether through a donation or through prayer, you can be a vital part of our mission.

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