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Continuing Anti-Israel Bias at UN

By Skip Ash1444338806822

Once again the United Nations (U.N.) has made a bad situation worse, issuing reckless statements in the wake of more jihadist murders of Israeli civilians.  We’re taking direct action.

Following closely on the heels of the recent public renunciation of the Oslo Accords by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in his address to the U.N. General Assembly in New York, numerous acts of Palestinian violence aimed at Israelis have occurred.

In an especially horrendous example, a car carrying an Israeli family was attacked by Hamas terrorists in the West Bank, and the Israeli father and mother were summarily executed in front of their four children seated in the back seat of the car. There have also been increasing numbers of incidents of Palestinians randomly accosting and stabbing Israelis in the narrow streets of the Old City of Jerusalem as the Israelis were simply going about their daily routines. Such attacks are continuing every day.

Such violence directed against Israeli civilians should be roundly condemned by all civilized people. As Palestinian attacks have continued, Israelis have begun to respond in self-defense. That has, sadly though understandably, led to Palestinian deaths and injuries as well.

Yet, which deaths and injuries have U.N. officials singled out for condemnation? Yep! You guessed it—the Spokesman for the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon—speaking on behalf of the U.N. Secretary General—deplored the deaths and injuries to the Palestinians.

In this latest release, no mention was made of Israeli deaths and injuries—not one word! The silence about deaths and serious bodily injury to Israelis peacefully going about their daily activities was deafening. Yet, the Spokesman didn’t stop there. Every other concern in the Spokesman’s statement implied Israeli responsibility for all the violence that has transpired.

During his address to the U.N. General Assembly, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was right on the money when he stared down the U.N. General Assembly during 45 very intense seconds of silence to condemn the cowardice and hypocrisy of U.N. Members who remain silent even in the face of the frequent, open, and notorious threats directed against the very existence of the State of Israel by Iran and other Muslim states—all in clear violation of the U.N. Charter.

Not only did the Secretary General’s Spokesman express concern solely for Palestinian casualties, he also expressly called on Israel alone to “conduct a prompt and transparent investigation” of what occurred, to include determining whether “the use of force was proportional.” The Spokesman, with the imprimatur of the U.N. Secretary General, implied that Israel was solely responsible for what was transpiring.

He went even further. The Spokesman adopted the Palestinian mantra that Israel was building on “occupied Palestinian land.” Nonsense! Until the Parties sit down together to resolve the outstanding issues between them, there is no way to identify what constitutes “Palestinian land.” Both Israelis and Palestinians have colorable claims to the same territory. Only after they mutually agree to who gets what will anyone be able to identify “Palestinian” territory. By adopting the Palestinian line, the Secretary General has taken sides and has abdicated his role of honest broker in sorting out the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

It’s no wonder why Israel mistrusts the U.N. and its officials. U.N. officials piously claim to be unbiased in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict even as they weight the scale in favor of the Palestinians. When U.N. officials talk out of both sides of their mouths, they show the world how duplicitous they really are. Most of the world doesn’t seem to get it—or care!

It’s time for America to rally in support of Israel! How can we do that? Write to the Israeli embassy in Washington to express your support. Write to your two Senators and your Congressional Representative and let them know you want them to stand with Israel. Write to the President of the United States and tell him you want him to stand arm-in-arm with our friend Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.  And sign our petition to stop sending our tax dollars to the terrorist-led Palestinian Authority.

The U.N. is a corrupt and hopeless institution. We must ensure that the US remains a strong bulwark to support our noble friend in and throughout these troubled times.

We have just sent a letter to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon outlining the absurdity of his reckless statements.  We will continue our multi-pronged legal defense of Israel t the U.N., in Congress, and before the International Criminal Court.

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