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FBI Finds MASSIVE Document Stash on Targeting Christians

FBI Finds MASSIVE Document Stash on Targeting Christians


Jordan Sekulow

August 16, 2023

4 min read

Religious Liberty



After an unearthed FBI memo exposed the Deep State FBI for labeling Christians as “radical traditionalists” and “potential terrorists” and for planting undercover FBI agents inside churches, the ACLJ filed a FOIA lawsuit to determine who ordered the blatant religious discrimination of conservative Christians. As a result, the FBI has just informed the court that it has already found over 1,200 pages of documents related to our FOIA and the targeting of Christians and pro-lifers, and it’s still searching for more.

In our FOIA we asked the FBI for documents related to pro-life people, Christianity, Catholics, or the memo regarding the targeting of “radical traditionalist” Christians, for any discussions about the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision (which our Whistleblower client testified they were targeting pro-lifers after Dobbs), and one question about the standards used to create the outrageous memo. What in the world is the Biden FBI doing with 1,200 pages related to this?

And just how much incriminating evidence against the FBI is in these 1,200 pages? We will be sure to inform you of any shocking developments. We won’t stop fighting until the Biden Administration ceases trampling on the religious rights of Americans.

Don’t forget that last week the House Judiciary Committee released evidence showing that multiple FBI field offices orchestrated the plan to target Christians, contradicting FBI Director Christopher Wray’s earlier sworn testimony. Wray had initially stated that only one rogue office discriminated against Christians. But now we know that was false.

As reported by Fox News:

House Republicans say FBI documents they’ve obtained prove that several field offices contributed to a memo that targeted traditionalist Catholics as “potential terrorists,” conflicting with recent sworn testimony from FBI Christopher Wray.

Republican leadership on the House Judiciary Committee revealed in a letter sent to Wray on Wednesday that said the document they subpoenaed from the agency details how “both FBI Portland and FBI Los Angeles field offices were involved in or contributed to the creation of FBI’s assessment of traditional Catholics as potential domestic terrorists.”

“This new information suggests that the FBI’s use of its law enforcement capabilities to intrude on American’s First Amendment rights is more widespread than initially suspected,” Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and co-chair Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., wrote in the letter.

Keep in mind that this religious targeting occurred based on zero evidence. The FBI had no probable cause to investigate people who take their faith seriously. And the evidence now shows the investigation was a coast-to-coast endeavor. Also, the FBI didn’t go after radicals who burned down Pregnancy Resource Centers or threatened conservative Supreme Court Justices – just those who don’t adhere to their Leftist ideology.

In addition, the FBI threat-tagged pro-lifers as enemies of the state. We know this based on the testimony of FBI Special Agent Garret O’Boyle, our FBI whistleblower client. Read his heartbreaking interview about how the FBI destroyed his life after he exposed the institution’s targeting of pro-life advocates.

Today’s Sekulow broadcast also featured ACLJ Senior Counsel for International and Government Affairs Jeff Ballabon, who discussed the alarming news that Iran might conduct atomic tests and what could be the implications for Israel:

The latest in Israel is tremendous concern. Obviously, Iran declared itself to be an existential threat not only to the Jewish State but to the millions of Jews that live there. They have declared they want to wipe Israel off the map. But I also want to remind our viewers that Iran already has ICBMs. It has delivery mechanisms to actually send its nukes here to America. . . . It’s truly a major threat to major population centers in the United States as well. And for some reason, this administration seems intent on getting them nukes and providing them billions of dollars while claiming that they’re trying to prevent it.

Ballabon was alluding to the $6 billion the Biden Administration gave Iran recently. This atomic testing is a clear violation of Western sanctions. The ACLJ will continue to warn the international community of the inherent dangers of a nuclear Iran.

We’d never have been able to file this FOIA lawsuit against the FBI without your diligent support. The targeting of Christians is one of the chief reasons we launched our Life & Liberty Drive. We must defend the religious liberty of all Americans. During our drive, your donations are matched dollar for dollar. With your help today, we can continue exposing the Deep State FBI and defending Christians.

Also, please join us in prayer by downloading our free ACLJ Life & Liberty Drive Prayer Guide. You’ll find daily requests related to our ACLJ mission. With your prayers, we will be victorious.

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