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POMPEO: Europe Beginning To Reject Failed Far-Left Policies in Favor of Conservative Leaders

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This past week, people across Europe voted to abandon failed, far-Left policies in historic elections for the European Parliament, instead choosing to elect leaders who could begin to restore common sense to Europe.  This is an excellent outcome, and I believe it reveals deeper trends at work in both Europe and the United States.

Now, if you listened to the mainstream media’s reaction to the election results – both in the United States and in major outlets across Europe – you would think these elections were nefarious and catastrophic.  Headlines were replete with claims that the “far-right” was on the march.  Reports claimed that “Russian disinformation” was being pushed by the Kremlin in order to aid surging “far-right” coalitions, a typical attack used many times in the past to discredit political opponents in both the United States and Europe.

The narrative is clear: The conservative movements that achieved electoral success across Europe are “extreme,” “far right,” supported by Russia, and a clear threat to Europe.  Not surprisingly, these same outlets (and their fellow travelers in government) have said the same exact things about conservative politicians, whether it was three years of “Russia collusion,” “extreme MAGA Republicans,” or calling the current Republican presidential nominee a threat to democracy.

Those labels are simply false.  First of all, this is democracy in action.  Anyone who argues that elections are dangerous is truly just arguing against democracy.  Second, coalitions in Europe did not make historic gains because they are peddling “extremist” views.  Indeed, quite the opposite is true. They achieved victory because they offered a vision built on common sense.  They called for placing practical limits on legal immigration and actually dealing with illegal immigration.  They campaigned on abandoning ridiculous green energy and climate mandates that have crushed farmers, hurt families, and raised the cost of living for everyone.  They proposed a model of governance that would shift Europe’s economic model away from a centralized regulatory regime in Brussels and toward a decentralized, deregulated model that returns greater power to individual states and their citizens.  These solutions are not “extreme.”  They are grounded, practical, and put the average European and their families first.  That many in established media and government bureaucracies are calling such commonsense solutions “far-right” only displays just how out of touch they have become.  Voters across Europe were right to reject their failed agenda.

The same is true here at home.  American families are currently suffering under the worst economy since Jimmy Carter was President.  Inflation persists and energy prices remain high due to poor policies and foolish, wasteful government spending.  It is far more expensive to get groceries, pay the electric bill, and fill up at the pump today than it was just four years ago.  Meanwhile, our open southern border has more illegal immigrants streaming into America than ever in our history, placing an enormous financial burden on the American people while constituting a clear threat to our national security.  Indeed, eight illegal immigrants with potential links to ISIS were arrested just this week in Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia.  These men were originally from Tajikistan, yet they came into our country via our border with Mexico.  This is a grave national security threat, and it is not “extremist” to favor building a wall and fixing our immigration system to keep Americans safe.  Nor is it “far right” to favor policies that will result in energy independence and lower the cost of living for all Americans.  These things are common sense.

Embracing the same fearmongering favored by the mainstream media, President Biden has said repeatedly that “democracy is on the ballot” this November.  In reality, Americans – like Europeans – will be voting on common sense.  Do we continue to keep our borders open and crush our economy with absurd energy policies and the “green new deal”? Europeans just voted against this progressive wish list, and their concerns echo many of the same problems facing the United States.  I pray that people in both Europe and America will resist the scare tactics of the media and government officials who label them “far-right,” and instead, shape a future that is better for themselves, their families, and their nations.

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