Dogmatic Left-Wing Bigots Have Been Unleashed to Use the Coronavirus Pandemic as an Excuse to Attack Conservatives, the Family, and People of Faith | American Center for Law and Justice
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Dogmatic Left-Wing Bigots Using Pandemic to Attack Conservatives

By Harry G. Hutchison1585942095793

While new reports confirm that a classified intelligence report submitted to the White House blamed China for initially and intentionally lowering its reported number of coronavirus cases thus reducing the effectiveness of the U.S. response to the pandemic, remarkably, in harmony with the Left’s long-running playbook, the Coronavirus Pandemic has provoked left-wingers to unleash their deep-seated hatred in order to blame and otherwise attack conservatives and people of faith. This vicious attack on what Left-wingers have called a basket of deplorables, includes an attack on the family, Trump supporters, pro-life supporters, and Evangelical Christians.

We have been warning you how the Left, including Left-Wing Members of Congress, openly dreamed of using the Coronavirus Recovery Act (CARES) to achieve their goals. According to House Majority Whip, James Clyburn (SC-6), the proposed “bill provided ‘a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit’ their vision.” Their vision includes government funding of unlimited abortions on demand, the Green New Deal, corporate board diversity, and the renovation of the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, all while ignoring the necessity of providing much needed relief to the American people.

Now the ACLJ has discovered, as the Hill reports, that a New York state health system executive has strongly suggested that during this crisis, Trump supporters need to pledge to give up their ventilators to someone else and not go the hospital and barricade themselves in packed churches while riding out the pandemic.

As we recently noted, the Left has launched an unrestrained attack on people of faith and conservatives. In addition, in another recent news report, the Left’s deep-seated commitment to bigotry all the way down, while proclaiming their love of tolerance, has apparently prompted a New York Times’ opinion piece authored by Katherine Stewart, originally entitled, “The Road to Coronavirus Hell Was Paved by Evangelicals,” and now entitled “The Religious Right’s Hostility to Science Is Crippling Our Coronavirus Response.” The piece linked people of faith to support for slavery, religious nationalism, and fact-free hyper-partisanship. Among other things she attacks Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon, for his medical chops despite the fact that he has likely forgotten more about science and medicine than Ms. Stewart ever knew.

Not content to simply smear people of faith, the Left, in concert with Global Elites who apparently support a country and a world without borders, have turned their weaponry on the nuclear family and private property rights as we recently exposed. Sophie Lewis, writing for the George Soros-funded Open Democracy, authored a piece entitled, “The coronavirus crises shows its’ time to abolish the family.” But not content to simply abolish the family and effectively urge Americans and the West to simply throw those we love into the dustbin of history, Ms. Lewis also advocates confiscating private property, particularly vacant property, without permission despite the Constitution’s prohibition on taking private property without just compensation. In other words, she is effectively urging Americans to not only abolish the nuclear family and private property rights but the United States Constitution and our nation’s commitment to the rule of law.

While the Left and Global Elites are afflicted with toxic cosmopolitan views and their willingness to conveniently overlook a major source of difficulties in solving the current pandemic—China’s disinformation campaign—it is equally clear that the Left and Global Elites are prepared to delight in their incessant efforts to blame hardworking Americans rather than engage in a nonpartisan effort to help all Americans to band together to make more N95 masks and ventilators.

The ACLJ will remain vigilant through litigation, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, and advocacy in combatting the Left’s poisonous and hateful agenda. While the Left is prepared to disparage, if not eliminate the United States Constitution in order to destroy conservatives and people of faith, we will vigorously fight for the American people, protect the rule of law, and defend our constitutional democracy.

Join us in this fight.

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