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Global Elites Use the Coronavirus Pandemic to Push Agenda

By Harry G. Hutchison1585584391795

As we warned this past week the Left has engaged in a massive and deliberate campaign, which demonstrates that they would rather do anything except help middle-class and working class Americans deal with this crisis.

Unwilling to allow a crisis to go to waste they are not content to pursue the Green New Deal, funding abortions, funding the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and other items that are irrelevant to fighting the pandemic, which they demanded last week. Today, rather than fight this virus with desperately needed aid to the American people including ventilators and economic assistance, the Global Left has now concentrated its attention on a much more toxic wish-list that includes abolishing the nuclear family, private households, and private property rights.

Open Democracy a left-wing advocacy group largely funded by one of America’s richest billionaires, George Soros, has just issued a poisonous policy piece entitled, “The coronavirus crisis shows it's time to abolish the family.” This policy piece provides a framework that expresses discontent with measures aimed at flattening the curve of the pandemic, contagion-slowing measures, and aid to the immunocompromised. Instead Open Democracy has launched a direct frontal assault on the nuclear family, private property rights, and the institution of marriage.

Open Democracy, as part of their response to the Coronavirus pandemic, advocates the taking of vacant properties without permission and the abolishment of families on grounds that this institution is disastrous because it has become capitalism’s pressure cooker.

Open Democracy, claims we deserve better, meaning that the American people should refrain from focusing on the health and welfare of those we love, those we with whom we have chosen to live with, or on safeguarding our homes. Instead they argue we should focus on doing good for the stranger even at the cost of our constitutional democracy, our freedom, and our families.

Outrageously, what Left-wing globalist leave unsaid and concealed from the American people is one simple fact: that in order achieve these goals, a Marxist, even authoritarian society must be formed. Fleeing formerly common notions of patriotism within the framework of a constitutional republic, global-left-wing elitists prefer cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism and tourist’s view of the world.

Authoritarianism, as we have already seen in countries like the former Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba means prison without trial, government sponsored murder squads as the government takes guns away from the populace , and women who are forced to have abortions that are demanded by bureaucrats. In Venezuela, for example, pro-democracy demonstrators by the hundreds have been murdered by the government while North Korea has engaged in particularly gruesome forced-abortions.

Now, left-wingers in America want to use the Coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to abolish the family and the destroy private rights as part of their quest to arbitrarily and capriciously control the lives of law-abiding Americans by fiat in violation of the Constitution. More likely than not, their next targets will include the destruction of Second Amendment rights and the God-given right of babies to life or even the rights of women to choose, as well.

We cannot let the Global Elites continue to advance these policies unchecked. Stand with the ACLJ in supporting the rule of law and the Constitution. A free people cannot allow the left to dictate how we live our lives, whom we should marry, destroy our families or deprive us of property without compensation in violation of due process of law.

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