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Anonymous Revealed – Another Radical Left Mainstream Media Hoax

By Richard A. Grenell, Special Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy1604064600000

The traditional media outlets in Washington, D.C., and New York City have told us for months that there was an Anonymous staffer inside the inner circle of President Trump controlling issues and messaging from the inside in a noble effort to save the country from an uncontrollable Donald Trump. Anonymous has even written an entire book explaining how he/she is protecting Americans from disastrous decisions that the 45th President has wanted to make. All of the political establishment in Washington has been abuzz with speculation as to who Anonymous really is. The New York Times assured the public that Anonymous was definitely a Senior Administration official.

When speculation became rampant that Anonymous could be a Trump Administration Cabinet official, the New York Times continued to tell us it was a Senior official.

On Wednesday we learned that Anonymous was Miles Taylor. My first reaction was, “Who is Miles Taylor?” As it turns out, nearly no one knew who he was or where he worked. As we learned more on Wednesday, we learned that Taylor was a policy staffer at the Department of Homeland Security. He definitely wasn’t a Senior Administration official, he didn’t work at the White House, and he for sure didn’t have the ability to stop President Trump from making decisions.

So how did this hoax get perpetrated on the American people for so long?

Nearly every media organization reported regularly that Trump appointees like Anonymous were concerned about President Trump’s decisions and were working to undermine him. The mainstream media celebrated these insiders as heroes.

But it was all fake. To be sure, there are Trump appointees who aren’t fully implementing the President’s agenda and are thwarting his decisions. But Anonymous and his supposed power were totally made up. The mainstream media created a powerful Anonymous player because they want someone on the inside to stop President Trump from implementing his agenda.

It’s shameful. And dangerous. It undermines our democracy. But mainstream media activists don’t care. They think the ends justifies the means.

The power of the media to create a partisan political narrative, like the Russian collusion hoax and the Anonymous hoax, is a growing problem for journalism in America. Reporters and their news editors have decided to go all in and use every power they have to defeat the President’s conservative agenda.

The reason they are willing to become political activists is because President Donald Trump is aggressively changing the game in Washington. The mainstream media want the system back where they control the public through their daily reporting. They want to define the issues and they want politicians who will play by their rules.

They want the Left in power.

Richard A. Grenell is the former Acting Director of National Intelligence and former U.S. Ambassador to Germany.

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