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Biden Has Brought America to the Point of Needing To RECEIVE Foreign Aid in Order To Feed Our Own Infants

On May 22nd, MSN ran a shocking headline:
Baby formula arrives from Germany on US military aircraft to address critical need (msn.com)

The Biden Administration needs foreign aid to help feed America’s infants.  Mothers in the U.S., like women in the Congo, are reliant on foreigners for generosity. It is hard to overstate the utter failure this headline points to.

The American people are the most generous people in the world, to be sure. When there are humanitarian disasters, wars, drought, refugee crises, or natural disasters, the citizens of the United States respond with money, shelter, official U.S. aid, and prayers. Nonprofit organizations throughout the U.S. also respond in kind. We have a very generous citizenry when others are in need. Americans don’t assume that government agencies are responsible, they respond personally.

In fact, U.S. taxpayers pay 25% of the United Nations’ assessed contributions budget.  The American taxpayers also pay an additional 25% for the United Nations’ 12 Peacekeeping operations, three of which are more than $1 billion each annually.

We aren’t used to having to rely on foreign aid ourselves – especially  to feed our babies. But the Biden Administration has been caught completely unprepared and Texas is forced to receive 110,000 pounds of baby formula from Germany on June 9th  because the supply chain of infant formula is simply not available in the United States and mothers are panicking.

President Biden said roughly 10 million bottles of infant formula would be brought to the United States through foreign aid over the next several weeks. It is an embarrassing episode, for sure, but the ongoing crisis for baby formula is not over. We can’t rely on foreign aid for basic necessities; but baby formula, and other products and commodities, are still in short supply. Shelves are empty and yet the Biden Administration is stuck talking about meetings they are having – not shipments of formula. Joe Biden has done too little and has done it too late.

“Last week, I met with infant formula manufacturers to discuss actions we’re taking to increase supply and how my Administration can continue partnering with them on these efforts. We’re working to ensure that families in every part of the country can get the formula they need,” Biden said.

The reactionary nature of the Biden Administration is evident throughout our economy. Gas prices and grocery bills have skyrocketed under the policies of Joe Biden and the Democrats who control Congress. But nothing can be more concerning than the United States needing foreign aid to feed our children.

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