The Left Proposes Bill in Congress to Create "Misinformation" Czar to Push Abortions


Jordan Sekulow

October 31, 2022

4 min read

Pro Life



The Left in Congress has just proposed a new piece of legislation to appoint a new Department of Homeland Security Disinformation/Misinformation Czar to push abortion and attack pro-life crisis pregnancy centers around the country.

As reported by Fox News:

House Democrats are pushing to create a new senior official at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) who would monitor and respond to public "misinformation" about abortion access and other reproductive and sexual health services.

Legislation from Rep. Nikema Williams, D-Ga., and four other Democrats would establish a new "reproductive and sexual health" official within HHS, and policing "misinformation" on abortion would be part of the job.

The official would "collect information regarding, and to address, reproductive and sexual health misinformation being disseminated to the public," according to the bill text. 

Folks, this shouldn’t really come as that much of a surprise. We told you how President Biden already attempted to prop up a “Disinformation Board” to silence conservative voices. We fought back and the Biden Administration put the idea on hold, temporarily. This time, the Left is trying again with a more specific target, setting its sights specifically on pro-life voices.

As ACLJ Senior Counsel CeCe Heil explained:

So misinformation, we’ve seen it where they’ve even claimed that ultrasound machines even give misinformation, so what they can categorize as misinformation is really unending. But if you have any information that goes against the abortion narrative, that will absolutely be deemed misinformation, medically inaccurate. If you have information showing how abortions affect women, how they have more miscarriages after, that is medically accurate proven information, but that is always deemed by the abortion distortion people that that’s medically inaccurate. So that section for sure when they talk about misinformation is directly targeted at [pro-life] pregnancy resource centers, absolutely, without doubt. And the fact that they can inspect, investigate, and audit, that would be targeting these resource centers as well.

We are getting so close to election day in this critical Midterm season, and we, as well as the Left, know that abortion is going to be a key issue. Especially in the wake of Dobbs, where the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Planned Parenthood and the radical abortion-worshipping Left are desperately trying anything to protect its number one stock in trade, abortions. Remember not long ago we told you how abortion-friendly Senator Elizabeth Warren directly called out pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, painting them as dangerous. In reality she only escalated the danger not only to those pregnancy center workers, but their patients as well. And now this new legislation is essentially a war cry from the radical Left, trying to mount support for pro-abortion candidates and legislation by any means necessary.

They not going to set up a Misinformation Czar like this without giving them the teeth to tear apart pro-life pregnancy centers and organizations. Meanwhile abortion-friendly politicians and leaders will quickly work to pass barbaric abortion laws in states across the country and to attack not only pro-life leaders, but pro-life organizations, voters, and even pregnancy centers. We told you overturning Roe was just the beginning. This is exactly what we predicted. It’s truly sick.

The good news is the only way they get this passed is through a lame-duck Congress, if the Republicans sweep the Midterm and take back control and defeated sitting members with nothing to lose decide to push it through on their way out the door. Which could very well happen, but our ACLJ legal and Government Affairs teams will not stand by while they try. We will be there to push right back.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast includes more in-depth discussion of this latest alarming move from the radical, abortion-worshipping Left. We’re also joined by ACLJ Special Advisor Ric Grenell who continued to warn us about China and the Biden Administration’s lack of action to protect our national security from Chinese operatives trying to usurp our democracy right under our noses, including on our university campuses.

Watch the full broadcast below: