Planned Parenthood Holds Roe v. Wade Celebrations, Despite Multiple Federal Cases – Including at the Supreme Court – That Could Finally Overturn the Flawed Ruling


Jordan Sekulow

January 19

5 min read

Pro Life



January 22, 2022, will mark the 49th “anniversary” of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that kicked open the doors for abortion on demand in the United States. And according to Planned Parenthood, the right to take the lives of innocent unborn babies is a cause for celebration.

Planned Parenthood will be holding multiple events this year to commemorate the dark anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  Of course they’re not referring to it as such. After all, Roe enabled abortion providers like Planned Parenthood to grow and amass fortunes in the process, all while also collecting a fortune in taxpayer funding. It’s actually hard for rational people to fathom. And yet, here we are, 49 years later.

As stated on one of its regional affiliate’s website, for the price of a ticket ranging from $25 to $1,000, you can attend Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood’s virtual Roe v. Wade Celebration. But if that’s not big enough for you, there’s always Planned Parenthood’s 2022 Roe v. Wade Luncheon being held in March. Top donors can purchase two tables and twenty invitations to the luncheon for the special price of a mere $49,000 – in honor of the 49th anniversary of abortion, get it?

Nauseous yet? We are. And that’s why we’ve redoubled our efforts in 2022 to take down the taxpayer-funded abortion industry and protect precious unborn babies.

Right now, the ACLJ is directly involved in EIGHT crucial pro-life cases, having filed THREE BRIEFS (our most ever) in the Supreme Court case that could overturn Roe v. Wade.  2022 could actually spell the end of the taxpayer-supported abortion industry.

As we’ve previously reported, the Supreme Court is preparing to hear a monumental case that could potentially undo Roe v. Wade’s pre-viability rule and help end the legal killing of children who are still in the wombs of their mothers.

As we stated:

Mississippi recently filed its opening brief in the case, and the ACLJ has filed three amicus (friend-of-the-court) briefs on behalf of itself, the European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ), and the Elliot Institute, a pro-life medical research organization. The abortion industry, including Planned Parenthood officials and pro-abortion activists, are shaken, and it shows as they prepare to file their briefs at the Supreme Court.

They should be worried. Victory in this case would spell disaster for Planned Parenthood and other abortionists, as it could trigger a chain reaction of states adopting similar legislation, saving untold numbers of babies. Planned Parenthood’s own President Alexis McGill Johnson summed it up: “[I]f the Supreme Court allows Mississippi’s ban to stand, it will erase nearly 50 years of precedent, [and] put abortion access at risk across the country.”

That’s certainly the idea.

As ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs (and former U.S. Secretary of State) Mike Pompeo put it, this case is “an opportunity to finally correct this grievous error which has resulted in the disgraceful murder of tens of millions of unborn children.”

We also told you how we filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court in support of the unique Texas law – that bans abortions after six weeks or when a heartbeat is detected – that went to the Supreme Court. Of course the abortion industry and even the abortion-friendly Biden Administration filed lawsuits to block the law, which ultimately wound up at the Supreme Court. Fortunately, as we reported, the Supreme Court issued an opinion on the case, allowing abortion clinics to challenge this law preemptively, but citing that the Texas abortion ban is still the law in the meantime – meaning it can be enforced – saving countless unborn babies’ lives as the initial case moves forward. SCOTUS actually THREW OUT President Biden's absurd lawsuit. And we will continue to participate in this case until the absurd lawsuit is defeated and the lifesaving law is upheld.

As we’ve told you, the ACLJ is also currently representing South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and the State of South Dakota against Planned Parenthood and just filed our appellate brief in what could become the next big case headed to the Supreme Court. Gov. Noem is battling to uphold a state law that requires third-party counseling to be provided for women seeking abortion, in order to ensure they are truly informed on the abortion procedure before making their choice.

Why would Planned Parenthood be against that? Is it because it’s easier to coerce scared or desperate pregnant women into having an abortion – a decision that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives – when you don’t tell them the facts?

We’ve also reported an update in our appeal against an unjust jury ruling that found a group of pro-lifers liable to Planned Parenthood after they exposed representatives of the abortion giant discussing the illegal sale of aborted babies’ body parts. Remember this is the case where a Planned Parenthood employee stated she “wanted a Lamborghini” during discussion of prices for the sale of aborted babies’ organs. The California jury returned a verdict awarding more than $2 million in damages to the already wealthy Planned Parenthood. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently issued an order scheduling oral argument in our case for April 21, 2022. Oral argument will give us another opportunity to have our arguments regarding our client heard and answer any questions from the three-judge panel.

Planned Parenthood is not celebrating women’s healthcare. It’s simply making a disgusting display of its disdain for human life. But make no mistake, the ACLJ is working tirelessly to make this upcoming anniversary the very last one. We must fight to honor the innocent babies who’ve already been aborted, robbed of their God-given lives, and to save the countless others in danger right now.

The only true celebration will come the day this flawed ruling is overturned, and the blight on our country that is taxpayer-funded abortion on demand is finally removed.