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Biden’s Illegal Expansion of Abortion Pills

Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, et al. v. U.S. FDA
Biden’s Illegal Expansion of Abortion Pills
Amicus Brief Filed

The Biden Administration has continued to try to make abortion access easier, even using the U.S. Postal Service to deliver deadly abortion pills. We filed a critical amicus brief in this case supporting a pro-life challenge to the abortion pill. The lawsuit specifically challenged (1) the FDA’s initial approval, in 2000, of the abortion pill (RU-486) for use in the United States, as well as (2) the FDA’s subsequent removal, in 2016 and 2021, of various health safeguards and limits on the administration of the abortion pill. The case recently went before the Supreme Court where we filed another amicus brief. We have now filed a fourth amicus brief in this case as the case has returned to the court of appeals.

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