Are Veterans Affairs Medical Personnel Being Forced To Perform Abortions in Violation of Their Conscience Rights?


Olivia Summers

November 22

2 min read

Pro Life



President Biden’s Administration has been aggressively pushing a pro-abortion agenda, and the latest egregious action is abusing veterans’ benefits to expand abortion. It’s unconscionable.

In September, in direct response to President Biden’s July Executive Order, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that – for the first time in its history, and in direct violation of federal and state law – it would begin to perform abortions.

Not only has the VA since announced that it performed the first abortion in its history, but we now know that the VA is also targeting pro-life VA employees for discrimination based on their pro-life views. As shocking as this is, we expected it. When the VA announced its interim final rule that it claims allows it to legally perform abortions, the VA failed to follow federal law directly on point, but it also failed to include any protections for VA employees that have a conscientious objection to abortion.

We are aware of some pro-life discrimination that has already occurred (and are legally representing a VA employee in that case), which makes us even more concerned that the VA may be unlawfully forcing VA medical personnel to perform or participate in abortions—medical personnel who have dedicated their lives to serving our military veterans, to helping veterans recover from trauma, not to adding to that trauma at the behest of the abortion industry.

The ACLJ is already representing a VA employee who was targeted because of his religious, pro-life views. We know that this is not an isolated incident, and we are ready to take legal action on behalf of any VA employee who is being discriminated against because they value and defend the lives of preborn children.

Our veterans, and those who serve them, deserve so much better than the vicious agenda of the abortion industry. Let us help defend life and religious liberty by helping you. If you or someone you know works for the Department of Veterans Affairs and have faced discrimination because of your religious pro-life beliefs, contact us at When you take a stand to defend your religious liberties, that action benefits not only you, but the rest of the country—including those very veterans whom you serve every day.