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Today on the show we welcome special guest Andrew Brunson and his wife Noreen into the studio to discuss Pastor Brunson’s two-year detainment in a Turkish jail.

Almost a year ago, October 12th, we were able to announce that American Pastor Andrew Brunson was finally released after being wrongfully detained in Turkey for his Christian faith.

The ACLJ represented Pastor Brunson throughout the entire ordeal. We launched a massive international legal advocacy campaign for his release. We took his case before Congress, the White House, and the United Nations, urging intervention for his release.

Ultimately it was God’s grace that got Pastor Andrew out of prison, but we also must thank President Trump for taking direct action in demanding Pastor Brunson’s release, even being willing to place economic sanctions on Turkey.

Pastor Andrew and Noreen dedicated 23 years of their lives to peacefully serving the people of Turkey. They raised their family in Turkey. It became their home.

Pastor Andrew told the story of how his arrested took place, saying it came completely out of the blue. They’d been called down to the police station where they thought they’d be getting their long-term residency permits, and instead were told they were going to be deported. They were sent to a deportation center where they were held for 13 days without any contact with the outside world. Noreen said she then saw that they were being held for “terrorism.”  

We would later report the official charge against Pastor Andrew was “Christianization.”

The Turkish prosecutor demanded Pastor Andrew receive a 35 year sentence, essentially the rest of his life. His trial dates were continually delayed. His appeal was arbitrarily rejected. His health suffered while he sat behind bars, locked away from his loved ones.

Yet despite the way he was abused, imprisoned, and stripped of his rights, Pastor Brunson demonstrated what a godly man he is, and his love for the people of Turkey, recounting how they ended up there, and his feelings now: 

“They asked us to go to Turkey and we’re so glad we did, even though we had some difficulties there. We have no regrets.” “Turkey is the largest unevangelized country in the world so there’s a good reason for missionaries to go there.”

Noreen Brunson even added “I’m crying that I’m not there.” Pastor Brunson and Noreen showed what incredible, faithful people they truly are. We are once again thankful to be able to share their story and say that Pastor Andrew is free and he is home in the United States.

We’re especially thankful to all of our members who stood with us, fought with us, prayed with us for Pastor Brunson’s release.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

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