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ObamaCare Funds Abortion

By Matthew Clark1341861478000

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives will be voting on a bill to turn back the largest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade.

In less than one page, the bill – titled simply the Repeal of ObamaCare Act – repeals the entirety of President Obama’s massive pro-abortion tax hike on the American people.

While the findings of the bill focus on many of the dangerous aspects of ObamaCare (increased taxes, 13,000 pages of regulations, cuts to Medicare, etc.), it also poignantly exposes the law’s attack on life and religious liberty.

We have been telling you from the beginning about how ObamaCare increases taxpayer funding for abortion, violates religious liberty with an abortion-pill mandate, and imposes an abortion surcharge on insurance plans.

The Congressional findings of the Repeal ObamaCare Act specifically highlight these facts:

While President Obama promised that nothing in the law would fund elective abortion, the law expands the role of the Federal Government in funding and facilitating abortion and plans that cover abortion. The law appropriates billions of dollars in new funding without explicitly prohibiting the use of these funds for abortion, and it provides Federal subsidies for health plans covering elective abortions. Moreover, the law effectively forces millions of individuals to personally pay a separate abortion premium in violation of their sincerely held religious, ethical, or moral beliefs.

The findings also note the various ways that ObamaCare violates religious liberty, forcing employers and insurance companies to cover abortion-pills against their religious beliefs.

The ACLJ and a majority of the American people fully support the repeal of ObamaCare. Urge Congress to pass this bill and repeal pro-abortion ObamaCare by signing the ACLJ’s petition today.

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