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Trump in Court in New York

Trump in Court in New York


Jordan Sekulow

October 2, 2023

4 min read




Donald Trump’s corporate dissolution civil case began in New York City after the Attorney General filed fraud charges against President Trump. Will the ongoing abuses of the justice system successfully remove President Trump from the political sphere?

The Hill reports:

Former President Trump will face trial in New York starting Monday in a sweeping civil case alleging decades of fraud by him and his businesses.

A New York judge with whom Trump has repeatedly butted heads will preside over the trial without a jury, placing the fate of the former president’s business empire solely in his hands. 

Judge Arthur Engoron found Trump liable for fraud last week, ruling that New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) proved the crux of her case.

The decision stripped some of Trump’s business licenses and raised the potential for him to lose control of some of his famed properties.

Attorney General James wants Trump to pay $250 million for his alleged fraud, and she also wants Trump’s kids removed from the boards of Trump’s companies. Trump’s tenure as a business magnate in New York City would be essentially over.

Unsurprisingly, President Trump came out swinging against Judge Engoron and AG James. Maintaining his innocence, the former President called the judge “deranged” and a “political hack.” He accused AG James of conducting a “witch hunt.”

And let’s not kid ourselves – this trial is a spectacle. Cameras were in the courtroom, and at the start of the proceedings, Judge Engoron took off his glasses and smiled for the cameras. Should a judge be acting like this in a case that could result in a former President losing his business empire?

Also, AG James’ case is absurd. No one was harmed, no bank lost money, and every loan was repaid. No investors were involved because Trump owns all the properties. No business partners lost money. And New York has a ridiculous law where you don’t need intent to prove fraud, which is the avenue the prosecutor is pursuing.

Just as in the 14th Amendment fiasco that’s occurring in numerous states to deny you the right to vote for the candidate of your choice, a prosecutor is using a novel legal theory to prosecute President Trump civilly, meaning we have another clear-cut example of election interference by the Left.

Trump will likely lose in his New York City civil case, which will then be appealed to New York’s Court of Appeals. That ruling could go in Trump’s favor. We hope that the rule of law prevails.

In related news, we have a victory to report in Oklahoma in one of the 14th Amendment cases, where we represent the Oklahoma GOP. The case was dismissed almost immediately after we went to court. We hope to secure similar victories as we continue representing the GOP in West Virginia in Colorado. We must not allow the Left to win its blatant election interference. Future elections in America are at risk.

Because of our ACLJ Champions, we can win such important legal cases for liberty and life. We have a 30-plus-year history of fighting the radical Left to protect the Constitution and depend on our generous donors. If you aren’t a sustaining member, please become an ACLJ Champion and make a monthly donation here to support our mission.

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