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National Security

Radio Recap: Terror Strikes New Zealand

By Jay Sekulow1552679638803

Today all of our hearts are broken after waking up to awful news that deadly terror struck peaceful worshippers as they prayed in New Zealand. On today’s broadcast, we discussed the horrible attack on a Christchurch, NZ mosque by a terrorist gunman, killing of at least 49 innocent Muslims. The ACLJ...

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JSL: Senate Votes on National Security

By Jay Sekulow1552586520000

It’s a big day in Washington D.C. for the National Emergency declaration and security at our southern border as some Republicans prepare to side with Democrats and vote to terminate the national emergency declaration. Today on the broadcast, we discussed today’s coming Senate vote on a resolution...

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JSL: Is Venezuela the Syria of the West?

By Jay Sekulow1551732337837

Venezuela should be one of, if not THE richest nation in Latin America due to its abundance of valuable natural resources. Yet its failed socialist system has left it in chaos and its people starving under its current regime. On today’s broadcast we discussed the return of Venezuela’s opposition...

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JSL: U.S. Walks Away from Negotiations with North Korea

By Jay Sekulow1551388800462

“Sometimes you have to walk.” Those were the words of our President, and that is what he chose to do, for now. On today’s show, we discussed the end of the nuclear summit in Vietnam between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un which came to a close without a deal. It seems that while...

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JSL: House Falls Far Short of Veto-Proof Majority

By Jordan Sekulow1551301703701

As we told you last night, the House held a key vote to block the President’s National Emergency declaration and it passed, but it came up far short of the necessary majority to make it “veto-proof.” On today’s show, we discussed the vote in the House of Representatives on a resolution to...

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House Falls Short of Votes to Block National Emergency

By Jordan Sekulow1551235078081

In a critical vote in the House of Representatives, opponents of the President’s National Emergency declaration fell far short of the veto-proof majority needed to block the emergency declaration and funding for border security and the wall. As Fox News notes: Democrats on Tuesday pushed...

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JSL: President Trump in Vietnam for North Korea Summit

By Jay Sekulow1551218305279

“Make haste, slowly.” We are witnessing a historic moment, as a new day of diplomacy with North Korea dawns, but it’s likely that sun will not rise quickly. Today on the show we discussed President Trump’s arrival in Vietnam for a second nuclear summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The...

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JSL: ISIS Bride Not Allowed to Return to U.S.

By Jordan Sekulow1550787182616

On today’s radio broadcast, we discussed Hoda Muthana, the 24-year-old ISIS bride trying to return to the United States after travelling to Syria 4 years ago to marry an ISIS fighter (she would eventually marry three different ISIS fighters after each of the first were killed). Muthana was born in...

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JSL: 5 Lawsuits Filed Against Nat'l Emergency Declaration

By Jay Sekulow1550701547577

Sixteen States in one lawsuit, four more lawsuits filed; we have five lawsuits now against the President’s declaration of a National Emergency. Today on the radio program, we discussed the lawsuits that have been filed against the National Emergency declaration. In most of the lawsuits, the issue...

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JSL: First Lawsuit Filed Against National Emergency

By Jay Sekulow1550520519979

The President declared a national emergency on Friday, and later that day the first lawsuit was filed seeking to block the declaration. Now the ACLU and the State of California are both threating to file lawsuits. On today’s broadcast we discussed lawsuits that have been filed and preparing to be...

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JSL: President Trump Declares National Emergency

By Jordan Sekulow1550267657889

“We fight wars that are 6,000 miles away . . . but we don’t control our own border.” Those were the words from President Trump in a news conference earlier this morning. We’ve been telling you for some time that President Trump may need to use his executive authority to declare a National Emergency...

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President Trump Declares a National Emergency

By ACLJ.org1550254565813

The President has just declared a National Emergency on our southern border. He has stated that he will reapportion funds to combat this national emergency through the construction of a border wall. In declaring the National Emergency , President Trump stated he was doing so to address a “national...

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JSL: Congress to Vote to Avoid Shutdown

By Jordan Sekulow1550179452303

Just a day away from the February 15th deadline and another partial government shutdown looming, a vote on the new border security spending deal could be just hours away. Today on the show we discussed the delivery of the bipartisan security agreement, which we told you the committee had reportedly...

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JSL: Many Options on Table for Wall Funding

By Jordan Sekulow1550087739404

Yesterday we told you that the bipartisan conference committee had reached an agreement, at least in principle, that could provide both border security and avoid another government shutdown. Congress seems poised to move quickly, with both sides preparing to vote on the agreement. On today’s...

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JSL: Will President Sign New Border Security Deal?

By Jordan Sekulow1550006110240

A new border security deal has been reached—in principle, at least--between bipartisan negotiators. On today’s show, we discussed a possible new agreement of the bipartisan conference committee that could provide both border security and avoid another partial government shutdown. The big question...

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JSL: Will Speaker Pelosi Support a Bipartisan Deal?

By Jay Sekulow1549569559510

The polls are pointing to the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans approved of the President’s State of the Union address earlier this week. Could that mean, despite their constant defiance, Democratic leadership may finally be willing to accept a bipartisan border security deal? Today...

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Four Things on National Security in the SOTU Address

By Wesley Smith1549569266459

On February 6, President Trump gave his second State of the Union address to a Joint Session of Congress and a group of distinguished guests. In a poll conducted by CBS News and YouGov , 76 percent of those viewing the speech approved of what the President said. Republicans in that polled group...

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JSL: US to Withdraw from Nuclear Treaty with Russia

By Jordan Sekulow1549051421864

“Countries must be held accountable when they break the rules.” Those powerful words were spoken at a press briefing earlier today by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Today on the broadcast, we discussed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s press conference at which he announced the United States will...

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JSL – President Trump: Less Than 50/50 Chance of Deal

By Jordan Sekulow1548800807627

Last week President Trump signed a short-term spending package to end to the partial government shutdown while negotiations continued to create a solution to our current border security crisis. However, that short-term spending package expires in mid-February, and if Congress and the White House...

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JSL: Time for the President to Declare a National Emergency?

By Jay Sekulow1548459390053

A reported 2,500 known or suspected terrorists illegally cross our southern border with Mexico every year, according to the Department of Homeland Security. A border that as we told you, CNN recently pointed out is only protected in some places by a simple chain-link fence or no fence at all. And...

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