VP Harris, Jen Psaki Have Some Explaining to do on Airstrikes (Sekulow Recap) | American Center for Law and Justice
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Vice President Harris, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, and even President Biden have some explaining to do, On President Biden’s orders.

Today on Sekulow, we discussed the breaking news that President Biden ordered airstrikes on Syria.  Whether justified or not, it seemed a bit hypocritical given past tweets from members of his Administration – and the President himself – on the subject of airstrikes.

This is not currently getting a lot of attention in the news, which is interesting because I am sure that if it were President Trump who sent airstrikes into Syria, it would be the top story all over the mainstream media.

Curiously, the strikes avoided Iraq, even though that is where the U.S. troops were attacked by Iran-backed militias. The airstrikes into Syria did specifically target Iran-backed militias. But they were aimed at a place that those militias allegedly use located just across the border from Iraq and Syria because they don’t want to upset Iran too much.

As ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pointed out on yesterday’s broadcast, the Biden Administration seems focused on appeasement, rather than strength, which is a huge mistake when dealing with Iran.

What we’re focusing in on is not whether or not these were the right strikes. Obviously, the U.S. was hit by an Iran-backed militia. The attack injured some U.S. National Guardsmen. It killed a contractor working with the U.S. government. So you were going to see a response. The question is, do you respond in a way that tries to appease Iran? Is that the best way to come out swinging?

We definitely need to point out the hypocrisy of current members of the Biden Administration. When President Trump decided that Syria crossed that red line back in 2018 and launched Tomahawk missiles, Vice President Harris tweeted the following:

I strongly support our men and women in uniform and believe we must hold Assad accountable for his unconscionable use of chemical weapons. But I am deeply concerned about the rationale of last night’s air strikes.

In a related tweet, she said:

The president needs to lay out a comprehensive strategy in Syria in consultation with Congress - - and he needs to do it now.

Current White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki tweeted the following in 2017:

Also what is the legal authority for strikes? Assad is a brutal dictator. But Syria is a sovereign country.

My dad, ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow, talked about the hypocrisy at play here:

The hypocrisy which is so prevalent here, is that you have a situation where exactly what President Trump did, President Biden basically did. Biden’s people, including Jen Psaki, were saying what is the authority to do all this? I think it shows you the nature of the hypocrisy.

This is utter hypocrisy on the part of members of the Biden Administration.

The full broadcast is complete with much more analysis and discussion by our team about these airstrikes into Syria and the hypocrisy of current members of the Biden Administration.

Watch the full broadcast below.

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