House GOP Wants FBI Briefing on Swalwell & Chinese Spy (Sekulow Recap) | American Center for Law and Justice

The House GOP has asked the FBI for a brief on the relationship between Congressman Eric Swalwell and a Chinese spy.

Today on Sekulow, we discussed a letter sent to FBI Director Christopher Wray from 14 members of the House of Representatives requesting a full briefing regarding Communist Chinese security threats, including Rep. Eric Swalwell’s ties to a suspected Chinese spy.

We were also joined by ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to discuss reports that former Secretary of State John Kerry secretly met with Iranian officials WHILE PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS IN OFFICE.

We’ve told you previously about Rep. Swalwell’s long-term connection to a Chinese Communist operative known as Christine Fang, who even placed an intern in Swalwell’s office.

The congressional letter stated:

As our nation faces a growing security threat from the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) attempts to infiltrate and undermine the United States Government, we write to request a full briefing regarding counterintelligence threats to Members of Congress, including information related to Rep. Eric Swalwell’s ties to a suspected Chinese intelligence operative.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have already received an FBI briefing on Swalwell. Initially Rep. Pelosi shrugged off concerns about Rep. Swalwell’s connection to Fang. Since receiving the brief however, she curiously appears to have backed away from defending his actions. But she did allow him to become a House Impeachment Manager, and put him on the Homeland Security Committee, which is astonishing in light of this situation.

These Members of Congress who signed this letter want to know more about Rep. Swalwell, since he is currently getting access to classified information, and who else in their offices may be under surveillance by China.

As I stated on the broadcast, FBI Director Wray is going to have to provide this briefing and many more Members of Congress are going to know the details of what Rep. Swalwell was doing with a known Chinese spy who has since fled the country.

My dad, ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow, concurred and reminded the listening audience that the ACLJ has already taken direct action to get to the bottom of this:

I don’t see any way in which the FBI cannot meet with the heads of the committee, the ranking members of these committees, to make very sure that in fact that this activity is being handled, but also that it’s not ongoing or even in their offices.

Because we’re concerned about this, we’ve set forth a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to get more information about this. I suspect we’re going to stonewalled on that and we’re going to end up going to court. But the reality is that this is something that’s ongoing, literally as we speak.

We’ve already filed one lawsuit regarding this matter against the Biden Administration, and as Jay noted, we look to be heading toward a potential lawsuit against the FBI over its stonewalling, having already filed an administrative appeal.

In another big foreign policy revelation, we told you yesterday how the Biden team colluded with Iran to sabotage President Trump. In the second half of today’s show, we were joined by ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo, who as you know served as Secretary of State under President Trump, to discuss secret meetings between former Obama Secretary of State John Kerry and Iran to undermine the Trump Administration.

As Secretary Pompeo stated on-air:

I know for sure this did happen with Secretary Kerry. It’s deeply un-American to undermine President Trump and the efforts that we were doing on behalf of the American people that elected him. They were either trying to keep their deal alive, or trying to convince the Iranians not to negotiate with us. I don’t know precisely, but it’s completely inappropriate. It’s tragic. It’s not the right thing to do. And now it looks like they’re headed down a path of appeasement with the Iranians as well, and that’s probably even worse.

Sec. Pompeo later added:

They’re going to give away all the leverage that we’ve created. Everything that would cause the Iranians to potentially consider working to diminish their missile program or constraining their militias and their terror against Israel and the United States. None of that’s going to happen.

The Iranians are not in compliance. They’ve never been in compliance with the terms of the nuclear deals they’ve agreed to. Why would the Biden Administration think they will somehow now be in compliance? The answer is they won’t if we keep giving in. As Sec. Pompeo put it, the only thing that the Iranian regime responds to is strength – not appeasement and weakness.

We are preparing to file a FOIA request later today to get to the bottom of Kerry’s secret meetings, as a private citizen, designed to undermine the Trump Administration’s Iran policy.

You can watch the full broadcast with further discussion regarding Rep. Eric Swalwell’s ties to the Chinese spy as well as Sec. Pompeo’s analysis of this latest Iran news below.

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