Shameful Betrayal: Biden Blocks Military Aid to Israel for Political Purposes

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Joe Biden confirmed in a press conference this week what had been previously reported: His Administration is withholding weapons shipments from Israel amidst political pressure at home from its radical progressive base.  Team Biden is siding with a terrorist organization, Hamas, over our ally, Israel, while it is in its final push to eliminate the Iranian-backed terrorists in Gaza.

This is a shameful betrayal of our closest ally in the Middle East that will only make Americans less safe.  It also displays deplorable hypocrisy, as the Biden Administration is now doing exactly what far-Left leaders once falsely accused the Trump Administration of doing with respect to Ukraine.  Joe Biden should stop caving to terrorist sympathizers at home and stand with our friend, Israel.

Several Biden Administration officials have confirmed to the press that they are withholding vital munitions from Israel in an attempt to pressure the Jewish state.  The decision came this week as Israel entered Rafah, Hamas’ final stronghold in southern Gaza – a move that Biden has publicly denounced for weeks.  The move on Rafah is essential to finishing this war and for the defense of Israel.  To leave Rafah in the hands of terrorists – as Biden is demanding – would only continue to threaten peace and security in the region.  It would ensure hostage negotiations continue to go nowhere, as Hamas would be emboldened to demand more and more.

I pray that President Biden’s decision won’t change the facts on the ground in Gaza.  Israel must finish its necessary, just mission to eliminate Hamas. Indeed, although Team Biden claims to be concerned about the safety of Palestinian civilians, withholding precision-guided munitions from Israel is only going to endanger them to a greater degree, as these kinds of weapons give Israel a far greater ability to carry out strikes that reduce risk to civilians. 

The reality is that delaying shipments of weapons has little to do with pressuring Israel and everything to do with kowtowing to the ultra-radical Left held up in “student” tent-cities on college campuses.  Biden is stopping military aid for political purposes.  In doing so, he is teaching our adversaries a bad lesson: Generate political pressure in the U.S., and Joe Biden will cave to you.  He did this in Afghanistan, in Iran, and now with Hamas.

The Left falsely accused Trump of withholding arms for politics in Ukraine – and actually impeached him for it!  Biden is now doing this brazenly and overtly.  The accusations against Trump were, of course, always a lie; yet that impeachment process consumed years of our Administration’s time in office.  It was a political sideshow orchestrated by congressional Democrats who hated President Trump and were committed to doing everything in their power to bring him down.  It was an embarrassment for America; and as someone who lived through it as President Trump’s Secretary of State, I can tell you that it directly affected our ability to continue driving good outcomes for our country on the world stage. 

Where are those same detractors with today’s announcement from Biden?  The leaders of the witch hunt who came after President Trump are silent.  Adam Schiff hasn’t said a word about the shipment delays.  You will find no righteous uproar among pundits in the mainstream media.  None of these people were ever interested in discovering the truth or standing up for our sacred institutions.  They were always motivated by power, self-aggrandizement, and an obsession with destroying President Trump no matter the cost.

Joe Biden is doing to Israel what President Trump was falsely accused of doing to Ukraine.  He is holding up weapons shipments to play politics in an election year.  He is deliberately harming our ally to score points with the voters who comprise his political base – voters who sympathize with the mass murder committed by Hamas terrorists on October 7.  He seems more interested in the opinion of college students camping out in tents, burning American flags, and chanting antisemitic filth than he is in maintaining stability in the Middle East and standing with one of our closest, most important allies.  He cares more about getting votes in Michigan and Minnesota than he does about the Middle East. 

Congress must now hold President Biden accountable and demand to know why these shipments are being delayed.  It is in America’s interest that Hamas is destroyed and for America to hold to its commitments – especially when they concern our closest allies.  More importantly, it is in America’s core interest to advance peace and stability in the Middle East by standing, shoulder to shoulder, with Israel against Iran and its proxies.  Israel should not be deterred; Iran should be.  I pray the Jewish state will not allow the Left here in America and the Biden Administration to manage their warfighting strategy.  And they should know help is on the way this November.