Mike Pompeo, Sander Gerber, and Stuart Force Weigh In on Biden Administration’s Potential Violation of the Taylor Force Act

March 10, 2021

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In a new post today at ACLJ.org, ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo, Sander Gerber, and Stuart Force (the father of Captain Taylor Force) weigh in on the Biden Administration’s potential plans to violate the Taylor Force Act, as the Palestinian Authority continues its despicable anti-Israel, anti-America “pay-for-slay” policy.

According to the post at ACLJ.org:

The Biden Administration has signaled its desire to resume aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a way to jumpstart the moribund Israeli-Palestinian “peace process.” The obstacle to peace, however, is not the absence of U.S. assistance but the PA’s incentivizing of terrorism. The bipartisan Taylor Force Act blocks U.S. funding for the PA until it changes this behavior. There is no indication that it has, making any resumption of U.S. taxpayer aid a contravention of this important law and a further hindrance to peace.

The PA’s “pay-for-slay” policy was highlighted by the 2016 murder of an American tourist in Israel by a Palestinian terrorist. The tourist, named Taylor Force – a West Point graduate, U.S. Army veteran, and son of one of the authors of this post – was in Tel Aviv on a school trip when he was stabbed to death.

Force was neither Israeli nor Jewish. Yet, the PA celebrated the killer repeatedly as a “heroic Martyr” and held a large, festive funeral where he was hailed as a national hero. The murderer’s family soon began receiving benefit payments from the PA.

Congress passed the Taylor Force Act (TFA) – a bill the ACLJ has long supported – cutting off U.S. aid to the PA until the pay-for-slay bureaucracy is dismantled and the laws governing it are repealed. Stuart Force, the father of Taylor Force, co-authored today’s important post.

Read the ACLJ post here: https://aclj.org/israel/is-the-biden-administration-planning-on-violating-the-taylor-force-act-as-the-pa-continues-its-despicable-anti-israel-anti-america-pay-for-slay-policy

Mike Pompeo served as America’s 70th Secretary of State and is currently ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs. Sander Gerber is the CEO of Hudson Bay Capital Management, a distinguished fellow at the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA), and a fellow at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. Stuart Force is the father of Captain Taylor Force.

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