Jay Sekulow Talks with Sean Hannity about Saeed & Persecution in Iran



April 2, 2013

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Middle East



ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow, along with two Christian women coverts from Iran who were sentenced to death for spreading the gospel, joined Sean Hannity’s radio program to discuses the ongoing persecution of Christians in Iran and the rest of the world.  These two brave women were arrested and imprisoned in Evin Prison – the same prison where Pastor Saeed is now being tortured, serving an eight-year sentence.

Listen as they discuss the plight of Christians in the Islamic republic of Iran.

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Maryam and Marziyeh, the two Christian converts who were imprisoned in Iran, also joined Jay Sekulow Live! today and shared there experience at the hands of Iranian captors and their fight for freedom.  Listen as they discuss with ACLJ Executive Director Jordan Sekulow how Pastor Saeed and others are persecuted for their faith by the brutal Islamic regime.

Listen now.

You can learn more about their experience in their new book at CaptiveInIran.com.

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