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Ex-Inmate Speaks of Torture Saeed Faces

By Matthew Clark1362074931000

Marina Nemat spent two years in Evin Prison in Iran for speaking out against the Islamic Republic.  She suffered intense torture by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

She joined Jay Sekulow Live! to discuss with Jordan Sekulow some of the abusive conditions faced by prisoners in Evin, prisoners like Pastor Saeed.  She has written two books detailing the inhumane conditions she suffered in this brutal and deadly prison.  She explained, “It’s very rare, extremely rare, that somebody goes to Evin and is not beaten up.”

Listen as she describes the torturous conditions she faced and that Pastor Saeed faces today because of his Christian faith.

Listen now.

Take action to help #SaveSaeed from these deadly conditions.  Sign the petition for his freedom today.

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