Biden's Border Crisis Erupting: Where's VP Harris? (Sekulow Recap)

President Biden’s border crisis is erupting. Where is Vice President Harris? Today on Sekulow , we discussed what Vice President Harris is NOT doing when it comes to working on the exploding border crisis. After President Biden appointed her the face of the border crisis, Vice President Harris still hasn’t visited the border or made any imminent plans to do so. Yesterday a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki the following at the White House Press Briefing: Do you have an update on whether the Vice President plans to travel to Central America or to the border as part of her looking into the root causes of the immigration problem? White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded : I don’t have an update on her travel. But since you gave me the opportunity, it’s important to understand and know that she is focused on addressing root causes in the region. And so, travel, I would expect, would be there. The border and expediting processing at the border, opening shelters, ensuring we’re moving kids out of Border Patrol facilities — that is really under the purview of the Department of Homeland Security and HHS. And they will all work together, but the Vice President’s focus is on the region, root causes, and engaging with governments directly. The Biden Administration’s response to the crisis at the border - which incidentally they won’t use the word crisis - is only exasperated by the fact that no one will say when anyone is going down there to survey the situation or what specifically the problem is. They vaguely say that root causes in the region are the problem and that is the Vice President’s current focus, but they decline to get more specific and thus we can only surmise that the Biden Administration’s approach to handling those so-called root causes is simply to not go there. We’ll continue to bring you the latest on this ongoing and expanding crisis as it develops further. We are in the last two days of our Matching Challenge. Time is running out for us to reach our goal. Your support has always been critically important to our success as an organization. Without your help, the critical work we do does not happen: The unborn do not get defended. The Deep State does not get exposed. Religious freedom and liberty is not protected. We cannot wage these battles and secure these victories without your vital support. The Matching Challenge means that every donation is effectively doubled. $5 becomes $10. $10 becomes $20. Even $100 becomes $200. Your most generous donation helps the ACLJ reach our massively important goal. We need your help today. Please support the work of the ACLJ and double your impact by donating right now. The full broadcast is complete with much more in-depth analysis of the latest news on President Biden’s erupting border crisis as well as what Vice President Harris’ role has been thus far. We were also joined by former Secretary of State and ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo to hear his analysis which you will not want to miss. Watch the full broadcast below.