Help Wanted: DHS Needs Military Volunteers to Serve Migrants


Jordan Sekulow

October 17, 2022

4 min read




Folks, this sounds like a joke, but it’s not funny.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has essentially placed a Help Wanted ad, like a twisted Uncle Sam campaign saying “We want you.”

But they’re not looking for help to secure and protect our southern border with Mexico, which would not only make sense, it would actually be a sign this Administration is finally acknowledging our border is in a crisis. No, the Biden DHS is actually asking the Department of Defense to use American troops to clean up after and run errands for illegal migrants at the border.

When we told you the Biden Administration is telling soldiers to go on food stamps because it’s not going to pay them enough to feed their families under the out-of-control inflation that it did nothing to prevent, we thought it couldn’t get more shocking. The precedents that this Administration has set in just two years is mind-blowing.

Now President Biden expects our soldiers to act essentially as servants to illegal immigrants. They want our brave servicemen and women to run errands for people who crossed our border ILLEGALLY – some of whom we already know were known terror suspects – possibly putting our own national security at risk. It’s completely absurd.

But maybe since President Biden says a nuclear war with Russia is almost a fait accompli at this point, he probably figures there’s no point keeping our troops available to fight. He’d rather they just clean up the trash of undocumented migrants. You know, things like wrappers from the food they’re being given or the packaging from the free cell phones YOUR TAXES paid for them to have

Listen, most of our soldiers are decent, honorable people who would volunteer to help anyone in need. But it is not the job of U.S. military personnel to run to Walgreens and pick up a prescription for an illegal migrant. This level of leadership – this total lack of respect for our military – from our Commander in Chief is truly offensive. And an embarrassment to our nation. 

Our Senior Military Analyst Col. Wesley Smith, who served over twenty-five years in the U.S. Army, offered his own highly qualified analysis on this offensive demand of the Biden DHS:

No doubt there is a crisis on the border. We have two million people this year who have crossed the border illegally and were apprehended. Almost two million last year – that’s four million people. They think there’s about one million “got-away’s.” Some of them were from all over the world.  Seventy-eight were on the terrorist watchlist. And then you’ve got fentanyl and drug trafficking, and sex trafficking. No doubt there is a crisis. But the answer is not to take soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines and put them on trash detail, or housekeeping duties for illegal immigrants on the southern border. This is another example of the Biden Administration totally not understanding the ethos of the United States military. This is not what they were trained to do.

Morale is a bit shaky anyway right now since President Biden became Commander in Chief. And some of the senior leadership have bought into some of the cultural progressive ideas and they’ve intimated that the military is somehow filled with systemic racism and domestic terrorism. Things like that. That has hurt morale in the military. Like everyone else, young soldiers are struggling. We reported last month and talked about the fact that some of them are on food stamps. But now this? It is sad, but it is no wonder that as has been reported as recently as yesterday but it’s been reported for the last several weeks that the military is missing their recruiting goals by tens of thousands of people. People do not want to join an organization that is as mismanaged as this. I hope they will join. I served twenty-six years and it is worth it. It is honorable duty. It is rewarding duty. But they’re having trouble filing their quotas and this kind of thing does not help.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast includes more in-depth analysis of the Biden Administration’s contempt and lack of understanding for our nation’s noble military. We’re also joined by ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo – also a decorated U.S. military veteran – to discuss the latest concerns in our foreign relationships, particularly with China who is telling the world that America is on the decline. Why would China be trying to paint the U.S. as weak and ineffective to other leaders?

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