Border Crisis Spirals: Special Guest Sen. Blackburn Takes on Biden's Immigration Policy


Jordan Sekulow

May 13, 2021

4 min read




Despite President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris ignoring the reality at the border, the numbers do not lie. From last year alone, in April 2020 there were only 17,000 encounters on our Southern border. Now under the new Administration, in April 2021 there have been 179,000 encounters. The Biden Administration will never admit that former President Trump’s immigration policies actually worked, but the data speaks for itself.

If President Trump’s border policies weren’t effective, as the Left has so often claimed, then why is the Biden Administration now finishing the 13-mile section of Trump’s border wall in Texas? This is a complete reversal of what the Biden Administration promised voters it would do. During the 2020 election, President Biden was so adamant when he talked about undoing construction of the border wall, he said:

There will not be another foot of wall constructed in my Administration.

This blatant hypocrisy is not a surprise. The Left uses immigration politically and they cannot afford to call this what it is – a crisis. President Biden and Vice President Harris are responsible for this crisis and the lack of action we are seeing is putting American safety at risk.

President for the National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd has seen firsthand the result of the Biden Administration’s immigration policies playing out:

I can confidently say that President Biden owns this crisis. It is his fault. He repealed policies that allowed us to go after the criminal cartels, those organizations that would do harm to our American citizens and he didn’t replace it with any other policy that would get rid of the systemic, the systematic exploitation of our asylum laws. By not introducing new programs, he has invited these people to come across our borders illegally.

There is movement from Congress to solve these problems since the Biden Administration won’t take action. Special Guest – Sen. Marsha Blackburn (TN) has two bills in the Senate that would begin solving this situation at the border. She discussed what led her to create this legislation:

We are seeing the reason why these protocols worked. It sent a message that we were not going to tolerate people running across our border. This is his open border policy. He has a Secretary of Homeland Security who does not believe in secure borders. So, you have failed immigration policy from the Biden Administration that has created a crisis at our border. That is the story these numbers tell you. When you look at year to date numbers, and when you look at a comparison to a year ago and see what has happened at that border, basically you have Joe Biden who said ya’ll come and the cartels said you better believe we will come.

She added:

So, what my legislation would do is it would stop Biden’s decision to catch and release these migrants into our communities and it would reinstate President Trump’s Remain in Mexico program. It would require these aliens that are seeking asylum at the Southern border and are without proper documentation, and bear in mind we have a lot that to come, it would require them to go back to Mexico to wait for their immigration hearings and proceedings.

While Sen. Blackburn and other leaders in the Senate are working to fix this immigration issue, VP Harris is keeping her distance. She won’t even visit the border to see the conditions for herself, and she is the one that has been put in charge of solving this crisis. When asked about conditions at the border, she evades the issue with out-of-touch responses that place the blame on “root causes” such as climate change. And she’s not alone. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is now claiming that the border crisis is climate-related as well. It is nothing more than a cheap political narrative being used by the Biden Administration to distract the country and insulate themselves from the real problems that are happening at our border.

We have filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs & Border Protection, U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement, and U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services. When they don’t respond, this will turn into a lawsuit, but we will not stop until we get to the bottom of this.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast is complete with even more analysis of the border crisis and Sen. Blackburn’s legislation working to help resolve the crisis at the border.

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