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Save Sergeant Martland

By ACLJ.org1460141990537

Over 337,000 of you have signed our petition to defend a war hero, Sergeant First Class (SFC) Charles Martland. But now, as his fate hangs in the balance of his final appeal to save his career, the ACLJ is launching a massive letter-writing campaign so you can take direct action on his behalf. 

SFC Martland, a Bronze Star Medal recipient, is about to be expelled from the U.S. Army for defending a child from sexual abuse in Afghanistan. For his heroic actions – forcibly removing an admitted child rapist from a U.S. military base – this Green Beret war hero is being kicked out of the military. 

Our fight for SFC Martland has continually delayed the final deadline for the U.S. government’s decision. But time is running out, with a final decision required by May 1st. 

The ACLJ has been on the front lines of the fight for SFC Martland. We’ve sent critical legal letters to President Obama, Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley, Army Deputy Chief of Staff General James McConville, the chairmen and ranking members of both the House and Senate Armed Services committees, two letters to Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, and most recently 19 letters to the leading veterans organizations in the country. 

The pressure is mounting. Already we’ve helped force an Inspector General investigation and are supporting new legislation in Congress to ensure that this never happens again, but we must act quickly to save SFC Martland. 

In these final days, please consider sending a letter urging Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and acting Secretary of the Army Patrick Murphy to clear SFC Martland’s name and reinstate this decorated war hero who defended a child. 

SFC Martland talked about the “moral obligation to act” to defend children sexually abused by Afghan police commanders. As Representative Duncan Hunter (CA-52), who we have been working closely with, told us, “Sgt. Martland had a moral obligation to intervene. Now we must intervene for Sgt. Martland.” 

SFC Martland’s actions reflect American values – military values. His sacrifice for all of us is what makes this nation great. We must defend him, not discharge him. 

Click here to send a letter to the Secretary Carter and acting Secretary Murphy. You can send our suggested letter copy or edit it yourself. Please be respectful and courteous. SFC Martland needs to hear from everyone, but if you have courageously and sacrificially served in our military, please indicate so in the letter. 

Our letter writing campaigns, through our Be Heard Project, have been integral to past victories. Together we can make a difference for this decorated war hero. 

You write the letter or sign ours, and we’ll deliver it. The process is simple, but it could make all the difference. 

Write a letter or sign ours HERE.



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