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Defend a Hero; Stop Child Sexual Abuse





Defend a War Hero; Stop Child Sexual Abuse

It’s shameful and despicable.

The U.S. Army is threatening to kick out a Green Beret war hero for defending a child from rape.

What’s worse are reports that the military has allowed Afghanistan forces to sexually abuse young children on U.S. bases.

Children – young boys and girls – are being raped and abused, and Sergeant Charles Martland said, “We felt a moral obligation to act.”

For his action, he faces expulsion from the Army.

As his case is reviewed, we’re sending a critical legal letter to the Secretary of Defense demanding direct action to stop this moral outrage and reinstate the brave Green Beret who exposed it. Add your voice now.

Petition to Stop Child Sexual Abuse and Defend Sergeant Martland

To the Secretary of Defense & Secretary of the Army:

The U.S. military has a moral obligation to stop child sexual abuse on our bases and exonerate Sergeant Martland for defending a child from rape.

Thank you for signing the petition!

We’re working in Congress & sending letters to the Military & Obama Admin. to stop this moral outrage. Have a tax-deductible gift doubled now.

Your voice will have a tremendous impact. Please consider supporting our work with a tax-deductible donation using the form to the right. Thank you.

Make this a monthly tax-deductible gift.

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