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Fight to Defend this War Hero Ramps Up

By Benjamin P. Sisney1456777993024

We are pleased to report that the Army has granted a two-month extension in Sergeant First Class (SFC) Charles Martland’s case.

It’s a small victory in a vitally important case defending a war hero and exposing evil.

As you know, SFC Martland was set to be expelled from the United States Army today because he was willing to defend a child from horrific sexual abuse and torture.  The Army’s announced extension today is most certainly welcome news. 

We are cautiously optimistic, and our work continues.  This gives us more time to spread the word and generate support for SFC Martland, both on Capitol Hill and across the nation – and it could signal the Army is taking a closer look at whether to correct this injustice. 

According to news reports, the Army says it is extending the deadline in SFC Martland’s case until May 1st saying the “extension was granted to allow consideration of his application to correct his records by the Army Board for Correction of Military Records.” 

Maybe, just maybe, common sense is beginning to breach the bureaucratic firewall.

As we’ve reported numerous times, SFC Martland, a Green Beret Bronze Star recipient, faces expulsion from the Army because he intervened to protect a child from an Afghan child-rapist – an Afghan commander allied with U.S. forces. 

After the young boy’s mother begged for help, SFC Martland and his superior officer, Captain (CPT) Daniel Quinn, confronted the man.  The child-predator admitted the crime then laughed.  “It’s just a boy,” he mocked.   Deciding to send the man – and others – a message, the soldiers forcibly removed the predator from the base.  The message was clear:  That sickening behavior will not be tolerated by our supposed allies. 

But, unfortunately, Army brass did tolerate it, and even worse the military took action against the protector, not the predator.  Now, SFC Martland awaits his fate. 

He is the consummate American warrior, hailed by those he served with as a man of honor, a soldier’s soldier.  He was decorated for his valor, respected for his courage, and feared by the enemy.   This war hero is set to be thrown out of the Army for protecting a young child from grotesque sexual abuse. 

It’s not the enemy who may succeed in bringing him down.  No, it’s the bureaucracy of his own country.  This is wrong and it must end.

As you know, the ACLJ has sent legal letters to numerous officials demanding justice for SFC Martland and that our leadership cease its policy of turning a blind eye to abuse at the hands of our “allies.” 

Our government affairs and legal teams continue to work behind the scenes in Washington, DC.  

We’ve reached out to you and you’ve responded.  It’s working.  But we can’t let up. 

Help us capitalize on the momentum.  Stand up for SFC Martland today.  Sign our Petition.  Join over 308,000 others and make your voice heard.

Defend a Hero; Stop Child Sexual Abuse

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