Shocking Evidence: Cellphone Records Released in Fani Willis' Disqualification Case


Jordan Sekulow

February 23

An investigator for President Trump has provided incriminating evidence (cellphone records) that counters the testimony of Fulton County DA Fani Willis regarding the timeline of her relationship with Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade. How will this bombshell affect the outcome of DA Willis’ trial? Will she be disqualified from trying the case against Trump for election interference?

You can find recaps of the alleged charges against DA Willis here and about her recent tumultuous day in court here. It’s definitely not looking good for Willis.

The Hill reports on this latest twist:

Special prosecutor Nathan Wade visited Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (D) at her condo at least 35 times prior to when they claim their relationship began, according to an analysis of cell phone data compiled by an investigator working with former President Trump’s legal team.

The new document, filed on Friday, raises questions about the veracity of Willis and Wade’s testimony regarding the timeline of their relationship.

Trump and his co-defendants are attempting [to] get their historic election racketeering indictment tossed by disqualifying the district attorney’s office over the duo’s romantic ties, claiming it created a conflict of interest. Willis’s office has acknowledged the relationship but insists there is no conflict.

As part of his decision, the judge is weighing contesting claims as to when the romance began.

Nathan Wade testified last week that he had visited Willis’ place “no more than 10 times” before being hired as the Special Prosecutor in the Trump case in 2021. Both Willis and Wade also testified that their relationship didn’t start and they didn’t spend the night together prior to 2022, but the cellphone records (over 2,000 phone calls and 12,000 text messages in 2021) and time stamps on the filings clearly dispute those claims.

This type of cellphone evidence is used in court cases all the time. And the evidence shows that both Willis and Wade lied under oath. The question is, how many times? The couple says they will respond to the latest evidence, but how do you respond to evidence that shows you lied under oath?

DA Willis should admit her wrongdoing and recuse herself from the Trump case. But based on her outrageous court appearance last week, she will likely fight to the bitter end.

If the judge ends up disqualifying Willis, the entire legal team will be removed from the Trump case. Governor Kemp will then appoint a new prosecutor with the authority to pursue or dismiss the case. I hope we have some finality by next week.

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Today’s Sekulow broadcast included a detailed analysis of evidence contradicting DA Willis’ testimony about her relationship with Wade. We also discussed the news that the judge in Trump’s civil fraud case rejected the President’s request for a delay in paying the $355 million fine. ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo joined to discuss the continuing lawfare against President Trump and the latest news in Israel’s mission to eradicate Hamas.

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