Day 2: Fani Willis Missing From Court After SHOCKING Testimony


Jordan Sekulow

February 16

Fulton County DA Fani Willis took the stand yesterday and gave a tumultuous testimony about her alleged improper relationship with prosecutor Nathan Wade. How will the judge’s ruling affect their case against President Donald Trump for charges of 2020 election interference and voter fraud?

Fox News reports on yesterday’s courtroom circus:

Georgia prosecutor Anna Cross said Friday they will not recall Willis to testify because they had no questions for her.

“Her testimony yesterday was kind of a train wreck,” said McCarthy, a former assistant U.S. attorney. “It goes to some broader issues about, number one, her fitness to be district attorney, not just her fitness to run this case.”

Prosecutors had initially sought to block a subpoena for Willis to testify on allegations that she had an “improper” romantic relationship with Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor she hired to lead the 2020 election interference case against Trump. But Willis flew into court Thursday to tell her side of the story.

Willis appeared flustered throughout the hearing, mentioned rushing to take the stand when she was called . . . .

Willis’ court appearance yesterday was outrageous and over the top. At the same time, it was likely a calculated move to distract attention from the serious charges that she faces.

That Willis allegedly had an improper relationship with Wade is not the issue – both are consenting adults. However, what is the basis for prosecutorial misconduct is the alleged misuse of funds by Wade and Willis.

Further, did their alleged actions undermine the integrity of the judicial system? That is the legal standard for this to go forward.

ACLJ Senior Counsel Andy Ekonomou explained the seriousness of Willis’ charges of alleged impropriety:

It’s not a conflict of interest as much as an appearance of impropriety. Under the Georgia case law, a prosecutor in a case is supposed to have the integrity that is necessary to pursue justice – not a conviction but justice in the case. That’s what I did as a prosecutor in Georgia for 20 years of my life. And what happens, in this case, is if you have so compromised the integrity of your office that it undermines the confidence of the public in the criminal justice system, and you become the focus rather than the defendant in the case, then that gives the judge grounds . . . to disqualify you from the case and to have the governor . . . appoint another prosecutor.

Right now, there appears to be a mixed bag of opinions inside the bubble versus outside the bubble. Many legal experts in Georgia believe she won’t be disqualified, whereas many national legal experts argue she will be removed.

President Trump has asked that DA Willis (and her legal team) be disqualified from the case. If that happens, Governor Kemp will appoint a new prosecutor with the authority to either pursue the case further or dismiss it.

The judge could also toss the indictment altogether – based on a 1916 case that gives the Georgia court this authority. Undoubtedly, this would be a huge win for Trump – a decision will likely be reached next week.

Let’s shift another lawsuit pending against Trump. We should have the news of a judgment in his New York civil fraud case. Many expect the President to receive a massive monetary fine and lose his ability to do business in New York – which likely will hurt the President more financially than the monetary fine.

That is a civil case, but President Trump faces a number of criminal indictments too. A viewer called into our show and asked what would happen if President Trump were sentenced to jail but still won the presidency.

My dad, ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow, explained how the President is uniquely the only government branch based on a single person. Being in prison would interfere with his presidential duties, so he would be released. So regardless of the litany of cases against Trump, if he wins the presidency in 2024, he will be the President based on Article 2 and the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution.

The bigger question is how voters will vote knowing that the potential GOP nominee faces so much lawfare. That’s why these far-Left attempts to interfere in the 2024 presidential election must be stopped.

Today’s Sekulow broadcast included a full analysis of DA Fani Willis’ shocking court appearance yesterday and the potential ramifications for the future of her case against President Trump. ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo joined the show to discuss his first trip back to Israel since Hamas’ October 7 attacks.

Watch the full broadcast below: