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Fani Willis Speaks: “The Train Is Coming” for Trump

Fani Willis Speaks: “The Train Is Coming” for Trump


Logan Sekulow

March 26

“The train is coming.” Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis just issued an ominous warning to President Donald Trump. She remains adamant that she did nothing wrong and that her case is moving full-speed ahead in the Georgia election interference case.

Fox News reports on Willis’ ongoing prosecution of President Trump:

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said she doesn’t feel her reputation has been tarnished as she moves forward with her 2020 election interference case against former President Trump after being accused of having an “improper” relationship with the special counsel she hired.

“I don’t feel like my reputation needs to be reclaimed,” Willis told CNN on Saturday after a reporter asked her about it. “I guess my greatest crime is I had a relationship with a man, that’s not something I find embarrassing in any way. And I know that I have not done anything that’s illegal.”

Although the racketeering case was delayed by two months, Willis said her team hasn’t slowed down.

“My team’s been continuing to work it … We were still doing the case in the way that it needed to be done,” she said. “I don’t feel like we’ve been slowed down at all. I do think there are efforts to slow down this train, but the train is coming.”

As we pointed out, Judge Scott McAfee noted in his ruling that an “odor of mendacity” permeated the disqualification hearing, and Willis’ actions created “an appearance of impropriety.” Yet the judge still outrageously let her off – showing that a two-tiered system of justice is at play.

Yes, Fani, a train is coming . . . but it’s President Trump appealing this case to the appellate court and possibly to the Georgia Supreme Court. The train has a lot of steps to go through before it can even get back on track.

My brother, ACLJ Executive Director Jordan Sekulow, said there is a good chance that DA Willis is still disqualified, putting her entire case against Trump in jeopardy. If Willis gets removed, then her entire legal team will also be removed.

President Trump’s legal team will soon file an appeal to the Georgia Court of Appeals. The ACLJ will also file an amicus brief supporting Trump’s appeal, explaining why Willis must be disqualified to restore integrity to our justice system.

The Georgia Court of Appeals judges will likely have a different perspective than Judge McAfee. They won’t have to be concerned about future ongoing interaction with Willis or having to deal with her legal team all the time. They can look at the facts and make a ruling as they see fit.

Just like Trump, though, if Willis loses at the Georgia Court of Appeals, she could appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court. If she does, rest assured that the ACLJ also will be ready to respond. We will never stop fighting to restore integrity to our justice system.

You can join our efforts to remove Willis by signing our petition here.

We also have an important update on a persecuted Church case. It’s not a total victory just yet, but we had a major breakthrough in our years-long representation of wrongfully imprisoned Pastor John Cao.

Pastor Cao was imprisoned in China for seven years for his Christian faith. We are pleased to announce that he is out of prison right now, although he remains in China. 

We won’t rest until he is officially out of China and back home in the U.S. Please continue to pray for our efforts to reunite Pastor Cao with his family.

We can’t file the amicus brief to remove Willis or help save persecuted Christians like Pastor Cao without your generous support. We are in the final days of our Life & Liberty Drive. Any gift you make is DOUBLED instantly. Give today to support our vital work.

Today’s Sekulow broadcast included a full analysis of Fani Willis’ warning to President Trump. ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell also reacted to Chuck Todd’s meltdown over NBC’s hiring of Ronna McDaniel.

Watch the full broadcast below:

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