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The radical Left is weaponizing the justice system against conservatives. It’s outrageous and dangerous.

Fani Willis campaigned on prosecuting Trump. She hired her boyfriend and paid him lavish sums, including potentially using federal taxpayer dollars.

The judge ruled that there is an “odor of mendacity” – lying – hanging over this case. Yet, he refused to remove DA Willis.

This is a political prosecution. The DA is tainted. The evidence is tainted. And the impropriety here reeks of injustice.

Now the case is being appealed, and we’re taking action. Our senior legal team – including our own former GA prosecutor – is filing a critical amicus brief urging the Georgia Court of Appeals to hear this vital case and disqualify DA Willis.

This case isn’t just about President Trump. This is about ending the two-tiered system of justice and defeating political prosecutions. Georgia is Ground Zero in this fight.

We’re filing on behalf of every American because this impacts you, your vote, and our entire constitutional system of justice. Take urgent action with us.

Petition To Remove DA Fani Willis From Prosecuting President Trump and To Defend the Integrity of Our Justice System


Remove DA Fani Willis From Prosecuting Trump

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