Breaking: ACLJ Secures Big Win Against the Deep State in Federal Court


Jordan Sekulow

April 26, 2021

We just won big in court. We’ve been fighting for five years regarding the Obama-Biden Administration censoring an official State Department press briefing video to delete an embarrassing admission that the Administration lied about its Iran deal negotiations. The Administration initially claimed the deletion was a “glitch,” but after receiving our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, they admitted it was deliberate. But they refused to provide us any further information, claiming presidential privilege for redacting a key email.

Through our FOIA lawsuit, we discovered an email sent by Jen Psaki – who is now President Biden’s White House Press Secretary, regarding the secret Obama-Biden Administration meeting with Iran. We have the email, but of course, it is missing key information, completely redacted. In a major breakthrough in our case, the federal court ordered the Biden Deep State to produce this email unredacted for court review.

On Friday evening, after reviewing the document itself, the court agreed with our arguments and ordered the Biden State Department to hand over this key email to the ACLJ – now with no redactions – between none other than President Biden’s own White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and other Obama-Biden officials.

This type of behavior from the Deep State doesn’t just stop there. As we previously told you, John Kerry, former Secretary of State under President Obama, along with Robert Malley, who was President Obama’s Middle East advisor, conducted secret meetings with Iran while President Trump was still in office. These Biden Administration officials had meetings with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif to undermine the Trump Administration and U.S. foreign policy. We just filed another FOIA lawsuit to uncover the truth behind former Secretary John Kerry’s shadow diplomacy.

The Left only plays by the rules when it suits them. When officials asked for former acting Director of National Intelligence, and now ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security, Ric Grenell’s emails, they were handed over immediately. The double standard is unreal.

ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell explained:

We know he [Kerry] has been talking to Zarif. How in the world did he not get prosecuted for this? Why is there not a standard for when we see him clearly violating the law? This is what frustrates many people is that the double standard for violating the law is so atrocious. We have to come to the conclusion that this is strategic and that this is not just an oversight or something that was a mistake. Clearly the Department of Justice is moving towards political prosecutions. Let’s be honest. I think the next step is getting our senators to stop talking and haul these people in and say why aren’t you applying the standard in the same way? Where are our Republican Senators? Don’t come asking for money if you’re not going to do anything when you’re in office.

Ric added:

Let me be very clear John Kerry was working with the Europeans and Iranians, not in the official back channel, but in an unofficial back channel in a way that undermined the Trump Administration, and he was working with Democrat Senators – I know this to be a fact.

Coincidently, the same people who have deliberately hidden information from the American people are now back in power and trying to negotiate a deal with Iran once again. The Biden Administration is proving that they believe that power and political advantage are more important than American security.

ACLJ Senior Counsel and Director of Policy Harry Hutchison summarized our progress with this particular FOIA request and where we stand in our fight to defeat the Deep State:

At the ACLJ, we have consistently emphasized several things including the necessity of defeating the Deep State. And we have worked tirelessly to uncover Deep State duplicity. And I think with this particular FOIA request, we have simply scratched the surface of premeditated and deliberate efforts by the Deep State to hide information from the American people. And this move has unleashed a sleeping giant within the bureaucracy, and this means our 5-year-old request is the first of many revelations to come.

We are taking direct action here. We have been dealing with this FOIA request for five years. We finally got the win, but it takes perseverance and focus on the long game for these types of issues. It takes years of work to get to the truth. The Biden Administration will do everything they can to keep this information hidden from you, and they are likely to try to appeal this ruling. But we are ready to take this all the way to the Supreme Court, if need be. The American people will get the answers they deserve.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast is complete with even more analysis of the court order regarding our FOIA request and the details around John Kerry’s secret meetings with Iran.

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