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ACLJ Files FOIA Request After Mueller Team “Accidentally” Wiped Their Phones Multiple Times Before Turning Them Over to DOJ


Jordan Sekulow

September 24, 2020

The Left’s attempted Russia collusion fiasco to hurt the President continues to collapse. And everyone involved is scrambling to protect themselves as the ceiling caves in around them.

The ACLJ just took direct action to expose their corrupt actions.

We recently told you how disgraced former FBI Agent Peter Strzok has been trying to excuse the behavior of Deep State FBI actors as the results of being overworked.  Yet it was Strzok himself who, after being advised to close the investigation which was yielding nothing, fought to keep it going.

Now it has come to light that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team claims they somehow “accidentally” wiped their own phones 27 times before turning them over to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Mueller’s team, including Mueller himself, “accidentally” wiped their cell phones during the Russia Hoax investigation. Some of them were wiped multiple times.

The phone belonging to FBI lawyer Lisa Page – who we know sent anti-Trump texts with FBI agent Peter Strzok – was listed as not foundaccording to recently released Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents by the Department of Justice. The phone was eventually located; but according to the documents, it had been restored to the original factory settings. In other words, whatever had been on it – texts, emails, files, pictures, etc. - were gone. This was AFTER she received an email instructing her not to delete anything from her phone. The DOJ simply lists her phone as not being checked. Because there was nothing left on it to check.

At least in the case of Peter Stzrok’s phone, it says there were no substantive texts, notes, or reminders.

The Mueller team’s lead prosecutor Andrew Weissman essentially blamed his wiped phone on what we can only call “password amnesia,” claiming he repeatedly entered the incorrect password too many times and the phone ultimately cleared itself. Weissman is touted as a brilliant attorney and supposedly one of the top prosecutors on the Mueller team. After entering the wrong password say, two or three times tops, he didn’t think to stop and just reset his password?

And he did it more than once. The first time was back in March of 2018 and the second,  later on that year in September.

At least he made an effort to try to cover this apparent mischief. Another lawyer on the team, James Quarles, simply said his phone mysteriously “wiped itself.” Just like that. Poof. Everything – texts, emails, and voicemails just vanished into thin air with no intervention on his part.

It’s truly absurd. In fact, it borders on insulting that they expect the American people to believe this modern-day “dog ate our homework” nonsense while they wink and nod to their Deep State comrades.

Their excuses may be a joke, but obstruction of justice is not a laughing matter. And that’s certainly what this smells like. Best case scenario, they’re all incompetent. How could so many supposedly smart people “accidentally” wipe their phones during an investigation?

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham put it best while discussing the matter on Fox News:

Well, if you can’t manage your own phone, why should we trust you to investigate a crime? So, I guess they just ran out of hammers and . . . bleaching material. So the question is, did they obstruct justice? Did they intentionally delete information from their phone because Horowitz was on the case? That’s the question for Durham.

Of course Senator Graham brings up the bigger question – and the scenario that certainly seems the most likely given the circumstances – did they wipe their phones on purpose? If so, why? What was on those phones that they didn’t want the DOJ to see?

The Left and the Deep State initiated this Russia investigation, and it yielded the result we expected: no collusion. And now, with every thread that gets pulled, the whole thing unravels a little more, revealing a tangled mess. Maybe those phones would have been the biggest thread of all, the one that tears the whole thing apart and leaves them all exposed. Why else would an entire team “accidentally” erase their phones, in some instances multiple times?

It sure feels like they were hiding something. Or more to the point, destroying evidence of something.

The Deep State spied on innocent Americans. They attempted to discredit a U.S. President. They willfully and deceptively used an unverified and salacious dossier to justify it. They misled a court. They lied to the American people. And despite all that time, money, and skullduggery, their investigation still came up empty.

Deep State operatives must be held accountable for their corruption, or else no campaign or candidate, or for that matter, no American, will ever be safe. Enough is enough.

We’re not going to let them get away with this. The ACLJ just filed an urgent FOIA request to get more information, including documents these attorneys signed when they received the phones. We will find out whether this was intentional obstruction and destruction of evidence, if there was evidence of some other crime, or if the Mueller team was truly this inept at handling cell phones.

If it was intentional, the entire team should be held accountable, all the way up the chain to Robert Mueller himself.

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